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So I haven't been keeping up on the newer games that have been coming out all that much. Not because I can't afford them or anything, but I rent them and see what there is there, and just take it back. Basically no interest in most games. That being said, I do still have a nice little stack of games that I do like to play, with more coming out soon. My only problem is that I don't have a whole lot of friends on my friends list that A. have the game I want to play. Or B.are ever online and want to play. Now this could totally be in the forum somewhere, I did a little bit of looking (honestly not a ton) and if it is, please just direct me to it. But if not, I would think it would be cool if maybe the community could get a little something together, a page or something in the forum, of people looking for older games to play coop or versus. Find people to run through Gears or Halo with. I still like to play Civ Rev, but can literally never find a match, and the bots are just too dull in the campaign. Older arcade games the same, anywhere from Awesomenauts to Peggle to minecraft and toy soldiers. I feel like games get their run through early in the release, then people forget about them. That's not how I like to see games go. So if there is a thread somewhere, please show me. If not, would anybody be interested in getting together with me to set something like this up?

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