R.I.P Xbox 360 :(

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#1 Posted by Cyanex (19 posts) -

So, today I decided to go out and pick up Dark Souls. I take the train into town and go to purchase the game. I get the game. Bring it home and start to play. Play for about half an hour and start thinking man everything is kinda blurry and yellow. So, I turn my xbox off thinking it might help to restart it. I turn it back on, and nothing. No red ring of death no indication that there is anything wrong with my xbox at all other than i see and hear nothing coming from my T.V. Checked online for troubleshooting things and even called Microsoft. No luck. My launch Xbox finally died today and not from the infamous Red Ring of Death. My gaming companion for almost six years. Defying all the odds and making it this long with a launch system i should feel lucky, but I don't. Now i have to figure out what to do about an xbox should i get this one refurbished or should I go and buy one of the sexy new black Xboxes? Refurbishing will cost 99$ and a new console will cost me 199$ plus the cost of a new hard drive since my hard drive won't work with a new system. That is what i was told by the man from Microsoft on the phone today.

Should I also take this as a sign that I shouldn't play Dark Souls?

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Sucks that your 360 died but on the bright side at least you got your money's worth out of it. My first 360 didn't make it past a year.

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Get the new slim, but get one with the 250 GB harddrive. It's worth it. You risk a refurbished unit dieing on you quickly.

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sounds like a graphics card problem my mate had the same thing. what i told him to do was to go through the traumatic expeariance of suffercating it with a wet towel to get the red ring and they will repair it for free and they did but im guessing at 6 years its probably out of the extended warranty. any way dam shame man, i recomend getting the slim with a hard drive already and using a trancefer cable. also wait till Christmas time to get one as they announced new bundles with 250GB hard drives with reach and fable 3

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I'd say it's probably worth getting a new Xbox, sucks that your old one died on you though, I've had a lot of them do that to me.

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Sorry to hear your xbox croaking on ya. I'd suggest you just close your eyes and get a new one, rather than turning it in. There's no gurantee it'll stick with ya for the remainder of its lifecycle, considering it's a launch system.

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@lord_canti: Thanks hadn't thought about looking into bundles.

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My xbox broke as well, about 2 weeks ago. For whatever reason it looks like the disc tray keeps getting stuck on the top of the xbox. I am strongly considering just picking up a used xbox from gamestop or something just so I can play skyrim when it comes out, and then maybe picking up a new xbox in the summer. I would try to get a new one this holiday, but neither of the holiday bundles are very good.

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I bought one in 2006 and I feel it's time to buy a Slim. It sounds like a sawmill.

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a refurb will get you only 6 months ,,

i had 2 refurbs and a brand new old core model each go for 6 months and bam ,

hit the dust,

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