Xbox360 troubles, please help or give advice?

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#1 Posted by Ninjahaxer (12 posts) -

I have had my halo 3 special edition Xbox 360 for four years now. It. Has has problems that I have been able to fix in the past. Recently it has obtained the three red rings and the screen pops. Up with an E74 error. I have boughten and new fan and AV cord but that hasn't fixed the problem. If anyone know how to fix the E74 error please help.

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#2 Posted by Rotnac (1258 posts) -

Your Xbox 360 is dead and needs to be sent in for repair. you can start that process through or call them up at their 1-800 number.

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#3 Posted by OldManLight (1320 posts) -

yeah dude, your 360 is unfortunately broken. Don't put any stock in any of the crazy fixes you see online, like the X-clamp fix or using a heat source to try to reflow the solder joints on the chip because those are only temporary fixes that likely do more harm than good. you can use their online support at

or i think the number is 1-800-4-my-xbox. I've called it a few times myself.

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The E74 error means the GPU? is burned out. Don't work no more son. A way to fix it though is if you buy a new 360, and remove the mother board and use that to replace the one that is busted in your 360.

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#5 Posted by Ninjahaxer (12 posts) -

Thanks everyone for your help, I hope I will have it fixed eventually.

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#6 Posted by Ninjahaxer (12 posts) -

Hey guys thanks for he help but o never did get my 360 fixed. But fortunately I got a Xbox 360/kinect for Christmas so my problem is solved.

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