Some games wont work in my XBOX and drive sticking.

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So I finally found my old XBOX in my clsoet, and I was excited to paly some old games I loved. but there are a few problems.

1. The syestem was very dusty, so I took one of thsoe Compressed air cleaners adn sprayed it out, but there still might be alot INSIDE the syestem.

2. Some gaems dont work (liek SC Pandora Tomorrow, Theif Deadly Shadows, and Halo)

3. the Disc drive sticks when I try to close it. it does stick closed sometimes, but it sticks open far more. 

Could it be that the lens is dirty, and I shoudl take it to a guy who cleans syestems? can the Sticking drive be fixed with cleaning? Or is it just a problem with the tech?

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#2 Posted by killdave (1079 posts) -

Just play those games on your 360 instead?

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#3 Posted by ravensword (4263 posts) -

Its not jsut those games, I jsut used thsoe as a example.
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@Raven_Sword said:
" @killdave:  Its not just those games, I just used those as a example. "
Fixed.  Check your spelling dude.  As for the problems, maybe the system is just getting old.

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