If you lose a country in your starting continent...

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Do you lose the continent bonus?

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It's basically impossible to lose the continent bonus you start the game with, right?

For that matter, does anything happen if you lose all of the countries on the continent where your base is located? I haven't done quite that badly yet, so I'm curious.

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I actually have no idea. I don't even know if you get the continent bonus unless you put up all the satellites. That part of the game does not seem to be explained so far as I have seen.

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@Scrawnto: I think you just get it, I forgot what I chose the first game, but I was cognizant of my choice in the ironman game that I'm playing now which is the one that gives you 50% reduction in officer training upgrade costs, and it just kicks in right from the get go.

It's not possible to re-locate your base right? I had heard at one point or another that you could but couldn't find a way to do it.

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No you can't relocate your base.

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You don't lose the bonus if you lose a country in your starting continent. I know this from experience.

Fuck you too, Australia.

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