Xiuying Hong

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    One of Ryo Hazuki's aides in Shenmue II.

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    Xiuying is a martial arts expert who acts as the master of Man Mo Temple. Ryo Hazuki is told by Master Chen at the end of Shenmue to seek out Master Lishao Tao in Hong Kong. This is actually Xiuying's alias, and Ryo expresses surprise to find out the master he seeks is a woman. She has Ryo seek out martial arts masters in Hong Kong to learn the four wude in an attempt to quell his desire for revenge, but he remains intent even after learning them.

    Regardless of Ryo's preconceptions, Xiuying is shown to be one of the most skilled combatants in the entire Shenmue franchise. In addition to the wude, he learns many fighting techniques from her and is taught to focus by catching falling leaves in the wind. On one occassion, she appears to temporarily paralyse Ryo by hitting specific pressure points on his body - this is to illustrate that if he cannot match her in combat, he has no hope of defeating Lan Di. Xiuying holds the distinction of being the only character in Shenmue II to appear in different clothes.

    Although she does not appear in the main story of the first Shenmue game, she does show on the bonus "Shenmue Passport" disc. She provides instruction to the player about how to play the game.


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