Akiyama as a sole protagonist.

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After playing through 4 and now Dead Souls, I have found to be intrigued by Akiyama as a character. The relationship he has with Hana, as 'Laurel and Hardy' as it might be, works towards his personality and really fleshes him out as a well rounded character. I know Toshihiro Nagoshi has made jokes about continuing Kazuma Kiryu's story even if he became a teacher. It just seems like they hit paydirt with Shun Akiyama and how it seems like we will never see a release of the Yakuza: Black Panther PSP games in the U.S., I just wondered if anyone else felt the same or liked a different character better?

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I actually feel the same :)

Yakuza 4 was my first Yakuza, and while I like Kiryu best regarding looks (I'm a woman after all...), I must say the most likable character was Akiyama. I just liked his attitude and his quirks. He was cool yet modest, and a good person overall without being too "pale" as a character. I'd definately play a game with him as the only protagonist ^.^

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Right now I'm doing Y4 and got pretty disappointed when Akiyama's chapter finished. Right now I'm in Tanimura's and it just isn't the same even if I am winning endless money playing baccarat.

I'd definitely want a game with Akiyama as the only main.

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@Lunar_Aura: Yeah i felt completely the same after I finished Akiyama's chapter. To be honest, you will get some of that charm and story in Yakuza Dead Souls, enough to validate your beliefs that he needs his own game. I just had so much fun doing the side quests and hostess maker. I was hoping the game would still ooze dialogue that I hadn't heard yet.

: I felt exactly the same way, they had given him such a strong back story that made me sympathize almost instantly. I enjoy the other characters like Tanimura and Saejima, heck even Goda Ryuji and Majima in Dead Souls, just none felt as right as Akiyama.

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