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Decade Duels follows the standard Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game rules. Players can either duel against CPU opponents locally in Single Player mode or online against other opponents in both Player/Custom, Quick and Ranked Matches.

Single Player

In Single Player, the player is entered into the Fortune Cup . The player is first matched up against a variety of generic duelists in a preliminary tournament. Playing a series of 3 duels against 3 different duelists in the preliminary tournament will earn the player a rank based on games won and points earned by accomplishing certain tasks within each individual duel. If the player is ranked 1st at the end of the preliminary tournament they will advance to the championship bracket featuring Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's characters such as Yusei Fudo and Jack Atlas. In the championship bracket the player will need to win all 3 of his/her matches(best 2 out of 3 duels) to be crowned champion of the tournament. Currently, single player is the only mode and way to earn cards.

After completing a duel in Single Player, the player will be awarded cards based off of how many points they have earned in the given duel. These cards, although random at times, can be based off of the deck of the previously challenged opponent.

Players earn points based off result items they earn in each duel (both in Single and Multiplayer). In Single Player, for every 20 points earned, the player will be awarded a card (max 15) following the conclusion of the duel.


Decade Duels features online multiplayer in both Single Duels (1 on 1), or Tag Team Duels (2 on 2). There is full voice and text chat functionality, and there is both Ranked and Un-ranked lobbies for players.

De-Listing/Re-Listing and Re-Naming

Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s Decade Duels along with all the DLC packs for the game had been de-listed from Xbox Live Marketplace and were no longer available along with its DLC.

However on February 13, 2013 the game was put back on Xbox Live along with a release on the PlayStation Network. The game added the word plus on the end of the title and added over 1000 new cards.

Users which had previously purchased the original Decade Duels were able to re-download or update it to the new version at no cost and the DLC packs were once again made available.

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