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Yukiho is a terrible crybaby, who wants to become an idol in order to change her shy and cowardly personality. As being afraid of even the smallest dog and not doing too well with the boys either isn't doing much good for her. Whenever she's depressed, she has a habit of running off exclaiming she'll "go dig a hole and bury herself in it", however whether this is just a saying or if she actually digs holes remains a bit of a mystery. Having grown up in a strict and traditional Japanese household, her favorite drink is green tea. Her favorite hobby is writing poems, although she's usually too shy to share those with the other girls.


Age: 16
Height: 154cm
Weight: 40kg
Blood Type: A
Three Size: 80 - 50 - 81
Hobby: Writing Poems, Drinking Japanese Tea.

Voiced by: Yurika Ochiai

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