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    Yuyuko Saigyouji

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    One of the many characters in the Touhou Project, she has the power to invoke death.

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    Yuyuko is the ghost princess of the Netherworld, which is the land of the ghosts in Gensokyo. For being dead, she's very cheerful and doesn't seem to take anything too seriously, she loves to tease her more serious and eager-to-please assistant Youmu. Her nonsensical comments can make her seem like an airhead, but she can also be very insightful and crafty at times.
    Her power allows her to invite mortal souls to death and control dead spirits. Essentially she can kill someone without any resistance, not that she ever would, because of her strong sense of duty. She acquired the power when she was still alive, it frightened her so much that she ended up committing suicide. Afterwards, because of her abilities, the judge of the deceased (Yama) appointed her to manage dead spirits in the Netherworld, where she now resides eternally. In the process she completely forgot about her mortal life and started enjoying her power to invoke death. 

    Perfect Cherry Blossom

    During the events of Perfect Cherry Blossom Yuyuko contracts Youmu to gather spring's essence from Gensokyo, so she can make a cherry tree in the Netherworld bloom. She had learned that making the cherry tree blossom would resurrect someone who had been buried under it. What she failed to realize was that it was her own body that had been buried there to keep the youkai tree from draining human souls. As reviving her corpse would have destroyed her ghost, she abandoned the plan. She wanted to try and bring life to something, but her powers only limit her to matters of death after all.

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