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Zen-Nippon GT Senshuken ("All-Japan GT Championship") is a racing game published by Banpresto and Kaneko, and is part of Kaneko's All-Japan Grand Touring Car Championship series based on the real-life circuit. The game rapidly switches angles depending on the direction the player is driving, often moving between horizontal, vertical and diagonal perspectives.


Zen-Nippon GT features six different real world race cars, drivers and racing team from the 1994 All-Japan Grand Touring Car Championship racing series.

Racing TeamDriver(s)Car
Hoshino RacingMassahiko KageyamaImpul Calsonic GT-R
Kenwolf with Terai EngineeringSatoshi Ikezawa
Takao Wara
Rain-X Art Countach
Team KunimitsuKunimitsu Takahashi
Keiichi Tsuchiya
Advan Porsche
Team TaisanAnthony Reid
(Second Driver)
Taisan Porsche 926c
Team TaisanTetsuya OotaTasain Ferrari F-40
Toyota Team SARDJeff KrosnoffToyota Supra

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