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Waterfalls are relaxing.
Waterfalls are relaxing.

Zenses: rainforest is a single player puzzle collection for the DS. It is part of a two-game series, the other being zenses: ocean. It was released in 2008 by The Game Factory. For controls, zenses uses entirely stylus-manipulated games. The concept behind zenses is a relaxing series of puzzles set against rainforest backdrops in order to help calm the mind and sooth the soul. It is clearly marketed to more casual gamers, but the inherent soothing effects could be good for anybody after a long game of Call of Duty 4.

Each game has various achievements and intensity settings to help add some depth and replayability to the title. Each puzzle has a solution, and upon completion, you move to the next level with a generally more difficult puzzle.

Note: the lack of capitlization for both the title and the games is because that is how they are written in the game, apparently as a way to relax yourself; no need to worry about silly capitlizations.


Tilt it.
Tilt it.

treasure spin

On a 6x6 grid, flower orbs and blocks are randomly laid out. The goal is to use directional buttons on the side of the grid to rotate the board and get all the flower orbs to connect. In the early difficulty and levels, their are only 4 flowers, but the number increases as you move up.

stack jack

Multiple colored shapes are falling down a waterfall, and you must try and collect them in order to earn points. However, the only way to earn points is to stack the pieces atop each other. For example, a big empty square, a medium empty square, and a small square could all be floating down. You need to put them together to form a stack, and earn points. Furthermore, if the pieces are all the same color, you win more points. In earlier difficulties, there is only one color and a couple shapes, but as you move on, there become more of each and they fall faster.

twist 'n' turn

An inner-wheel and outer-wheel are lined with different colored gems. The object is to use the stylus to spin the wheels and switch the gems in order to make the bottom screen look like the top.

flower board

Pretty flowers.
Pretty flowers.

A couple of flowers are laid out on a grid on the bottom screen, and you are allowed to place a certain number of flowers to it. On the top screen shows what kind of points you get for setting certain flowers next to each other. The goal is to see how many points you can get by making the best possible combinations.

sapphire wheel

There is a set of gems on the left side of the screen and a big wheel on the right. You have to fill in slots on the right by using the tangram gems. When you pull a gem and place it, the row shifts down making a new gem or two available. You can also rotate the wheel to help make a shape fit better, as you can not rotate the shapes.


Soothing Solitaire
Soothing Solitaire

The traditional game of peg-hopping solitaire with a new twist. One: the boards are oddly shaped and change every round, and two: you have to make sure your last piece ends on the yellow square.


The official soundtrack to both games in the zenses series can be found at the games official website here.

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