That god awful rabbit

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I just wanted to post in here that I really, really can't stand the voice actor for Zero Jr. That horrible, horrible rabbit. It's like they told the jerk in the recording booth to "just go completely crazy and monkey cheese the shit out of it, dial the wacky up to 11!"

I'm maybe 11 hours in at this point, and every time Zero Jr. shows up it's like nails on a chalkboard. Is the Japanese voice actor any better? Because I'm just about to switch.

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You're 11 hours in, and you're still seeing Zero Jr? But honestly, I thought he was great. However, all in all, VLR was much worse than 999.

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If you're eleven hours in, you've heard nearly all of its dialogue anyway. Just make good use of that skip button.

For the record though, I think it's great. It's like one of those people who think doing a bunch of wacky voices is the same as being funny. Only super sinister.

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The jerk was a woman, I thought she was one of the highlights of the game. One of the best VA in the game.

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Don't worry about it too much, it really doesn't talk anywhere near as much after the first door. It explains the rules and that's it.

I also thought it was grating at first since there's soooo much of it talking at the beginning, but I actually grew some fondness the rabbit's quirkiness as the game progressed and occasionally let the dialogue play when trying different paths.

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@deadmoscow: I played the EU version, which only had Japanese voices and Zero III was fantastic in Japanese.

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@CottonWolf said:

@deadmoscow: I played the EU version, which only had Japanese voices and Zero III was fantastic in Japanese.

Same here. It came to me as a complete surprise when I booted up the game. I was totally expecting the characters to speak in the Queen's tongue. But, man, the Japanese voices are great. And I'm no fan of Japanese VO over English, mind you.

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Cindy Robinson killed it. One of the highlights of the gmae.

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The voice actor for Zero III is a she. And I think she did a phenomenal job, definitely the vocal high point in the game for me. I think maybe you're downplaying (or not understanding) how difficult it must have been to record your lines like that.

The zero escape series is pretty serious, but it's also fucking goofy as shit, so Zero III fits right in. There are way more ridiculous thing in VLR than the rabbit's line reading.

Also, without giving anything away, if you think about Zero III in relation to the first game, I think you'll find a nice layer of something special there.

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Honestly, I have to say the Japanese voice acting is much better than the English...

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NONARYY GAAAME. AMBIDEX EDITIOOOOOOOOOON (only played in japanese, really like his voice, EU version)

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