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    Zoo Keeper

    Game » consists of 8 releases. Released Jan 18, 2005

    Zoo Keeper is a Bejeweled-like puzzle game themed around a zoo.

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    Three animals in a row, WOW!!!

    So, another match three somethings in a row game? Yes.... but what a wonderful match three somethings in a row game!

    Zoo keeper is the story of a young zoo worker that has to keep the animals in check. The game has you matching three animals in a row to make them disappear from a grid that is contantly full of animals and then depending of what mode you are playing when enough animals have been "collected" the game ends. There is a time limit to all of this but as you collect animals you get a timeboost so the object of the game is to pair up 3 or more animals as fast as you can. And that's it.

    So what makes this game so fun? Well:
    • The stylus controls are fantastic in giving the game a frantic tempo.
    • The feeling of beating your or others hi-scores are just fantastic. The game comes with hi-scores that you never think you will beat, mut after a couple of days you will have gotten a hang of it.
    • The game is simple in it's design but it takes a lot of eye-brain coordination to master.
    • The way it makes you breath only when the levels are changed or the game is won. During gameplay it is only the game that matters.

    Zoo keeper is a winner. It has all the right elements and is just about the best DS game out there. Do not be fooled by its simplistic graphics (which accually are rather cute) or the fact that it has counterparts on the net that are free. This game will give you hours of fun and it is in my mind ment to be played on the DS system, it just feels great to play on it. Go buy!

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