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So I've spent many a night trying to talk to my fellow party members in 1 vs 100. Now, I don't know if people just don't use mics or if they don't know they can so easily mute everyone else (which I've done quite a few times) without realizing. I even tried sending out random party invites to recent players, but people don't seem to appreciate random messages from someone they don't I figured I would give this a whirl. When I was in DoG (An Xbox Live Halo 3/CoD clan) they used a system to keep track of their members and who was available to play. So I took their idea and didn't tweek it at all.  Basically, I created a Silver account that people can use to show they would like to party with total strangers to answer random trivia questions. And really, isn't that what we all want?

Here's how it works:
-Send a Friend Request to "Network1 vs 100" (without the quotations)
-Wait for an extended play or Live show.
-Wait some more.
-Wait a little longer.
-Ok, now, check back right before the game starts and see who else is playing 1 vs 100.
-Invite them to a party.
-Make some new friends.

It's like what people say I say whenever I black out and wake up smeared in mashed potatoes: "We all need to work together or the space monsters will eat our souls and livers!"    

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