Deleting data/Restarting?

#1 Posted by SuicidalSnowman (467 posts) -

Just wondering if there is a way to reset your data. Having finished and done a few high score runs I would like to just start over from the beginning, but don't see any options. Anyone? Bueller?

#2 Posted by johncallahan (702 posts) -

I ended up just having to uninstall/reinstall. Not the most convenient, but it's the only way I found.

#3 Posted by PaulKemp (124 posts) -

@jonny126: +1 Thanks for the tip!

#4 Posted by EricLane (2 posts) -

I hope someone else can help ME!!! I bought 10,000,000 on steam and I want my girlfriend to try it. I want to start over so she can play through the tutorial section but uninstalling and reinstalling on steam isn't working. I deleted the entire 10,000,000 folder but it loads in the same level in game. Please help!!!

#5 Posted by Jertje (101 posts) -

The latest update has a "clear data" button in the options!

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