Game of Thrones

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  I have to share!
  What a piece of TV! Also it is surprisingly accurate to the books!  Well acted and superbly shot entertainment!
I for one can not wait for the arrival of Season 2 in Spring 2012 and all I know is I have the other three books to catch up on between now and then! 

I have a question to ask! 

So what do the rest of you think?  
Hurry, Winter is coming!
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You double posted.
Flag one for mods to delete.
As for series itself, can't say.
I'm not watching on purpose.
The characters of the book are what I imagine them to be. It doesn't matter to me if the series is good or bad, true to books or not. I want my experience of the books to remain pure.
Heck now I have to even avoid completely because they almost always have an image up or something.

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@CryingHero: Link does not take me to a picture of Liam Neeson. Or any picture. Broken.

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