What's your favorite Achievement and why?

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I was just playing Trine 2 and took a look at the Achievements. One of them was to use the Rogue to fire three arrows into the air, then switch to the Knight and catch all three arrows with your shield. It was reasonable challenging without being a huge grind, and was a cute little distraction.

What's your favorite Achievement and why?

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My favorite achievements have always been the online-only ones from Chromehounds. Mainly because I really loved that game and since the online has long since been shut down, there is no way for anyone to legitimately earn those achievements ever again.

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My favourite achievement is Double S+ in Dustforce. To get the achievement, you have to get an SS rank (meaning perfect completion and combo) on all the levels in the game. More importantly, this is the only achievement in the game.

That takes balls. None of those namby-pamby easy achievements. You either 100% the game, OR YOU GET NOTHING. GOOD DAY, SIR.

Though I read the forums, and apparently it's kind of a work in progress and they honestly just didn't know what achievements to put in the game, so in a future patch they'll probably add some more.

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Sweet Goodbye from Mirror's Edge is unlocked by flipping off an enemy. That's pretty cool. Consolation Prize in You Don't Know Jack is for not getting an achievement for 5 hours. Six Years In The Making is an achievement from Red Dead Redemption that I love because it is a reference to an urban myth about San Andreas that most people know nothing about.

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Don't care about achievements, they add nothing to games for me, I always liked the gnome related ones in Valve games. Never cared for trying to get them but always found them funny.

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"Irony" from Bioshock.

I didn't know that it existed yet still did this specific thing just cause I felt like it, and it was fun to see the game acknowledging that.

Kinda sad that it hasn't really happened to me in a game since.

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Pretty much every achievement included in Just Cause 2. I can't explain it, but that game was 100% fun to S-Rank. I really can't wait for an announcement for a sequel, or at least something similar from Avalanche Studios.

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There's a secret achievement/ending you get for playing all of Hunted: the Demon's Forge in a very specific way. It both gives you the information to figure it out while somehow it never really hints at it throughout the game, in fact the game sets up a lot of situations that would suggest its not something worth thinking about. It seems like you're just missing out on a part of the game by choosing.. Fuck it, spoilers incoming.

Throughout the game there is this goo called Sleg. It makes the enemies super powerful and they drink it and get way more difficult. And they carry their urns of Sleg along with them and use them to pretty much hulk out and destroy shit. At four or five points in the game you get swarmed by waves and waves of enemies and there's an available vat of Sleg. The Cortana-ish character played by Lucy Lawless says you can drink the Sleg and hulk out too, and the sequences kind of seem like turret sequences. Would you choose to fight all the enemies in a turret sequence without using the turret? So, at the end of the game, you kill the end boss and you're at a big pool of Sleg, the source of it or whatever. And then Lucy Lawless cackles and says she's actually some kind of incarnation of the Sleg, and orders you to kill your partner. You can't resist, because you've drank the Sleg and now she controls you. Unless you went through the entire game not using it. It never implies once that the Sleg vats are anything more than a gameplay mechanic. And yet the entire story hangs on whether you used them or not. That's fucking clever as hell and one of the main reasons I defend Hunted: The Demon's Forge against people who think its just dumb action.

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Bearly Legal in Red Dead.

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In Black Ops when you shoot someone with a Pack-A-Punched crossbow and kill 6 zombies.

Just fun to do.

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well there are grinding achievments (get 10000 kills, etc) S-rank achievements (achieve a certain time/score) which don't really need an achievement, and there are the quickie gimme achievements in which you only need to do one thing and the effort is short-lived. So it's hard to think of something unique that could qualify as best achievement. I'm betting there are some but I can't remember any that don't fall into one of those 3 categories.

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From B.U.T.T.O.N.

You're So Lucky!

Each round, you have a one in a million chance of getting this achievement. Good luck...

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