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Aelwin is a fisherman who lives in the township of Weye, just outside the Imperial City. He is a fisherman, and has only one quest for the player to undertake: that quest is called 'Go Fish'. Aelwin is an aged man, and wants to retire from his profession as a fisherman. He is one of the characters who is early to go to bed, and he is also early to rise. He sleeps for twelve hours each night, from 8pm through to 8am. 
Aelwin's house is not of particular note, and is a low class shack that is situated in the township of Weye. The main appeal of his house is really only for evil characters, and that is a safe he has hidden in the building. Should you crack the lock you can steal Aelwin's retirement fund. Unfortunately, it is hardly worth concerning yourself with, as the fund is a mere pittance - a few gold coins. Different chests around his house also contain some general items and clutter, such as Bread Loaves.

Items found on Aelwin

Generally, there is nothing of note on Aelwin's person, be it on his corpse or through pickpocketing. He wears Fishing Waders and Rough Leather Shoes, which are both understandable considering his profession. He is armed with an Iron War Axe, and has a small amount of gold on him, should you choose to grab it.

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