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Career Overview

Real name Allen Jones, A.J. Styles is a professional wrestler. Over the course of his career he has wrestled in many different wrestling leagues, however he is most synonymous with Total Nonstop Action Wrestling. In the past he has wrestled for many different leagues most notably: World Wrestling Federation, WCW, Ring of Honor, Pro Wrestling Illustrated, and NWA Wildside. He is the only wrestler to have ever won the TNA Grand Slam Championship for which the wrestler must have won the NWA World Heavyweight, TNA World Heavyweight, NWA World Tag Team, TNA World Tag Team, TNA X Division, and TNA Global championships.

Championship and Belts

Styles has won over 20 different wrestling championships and belts in his career

Total Nonstop Action Wrestling:

    • NWA World Heavyweight Championship
    • NWA World Tag Team Championship
    • Mr. TNA
    • First TNA Triple Crown Champion
    • First TNA Grand Slam Champion
    • TNA World Heavyweight Championship
    • TNA World Tag Team Championship
    • TNA X Division Championship

World Wrestling All-Stars:

  • WWA International Cruiserweight Championship

Ring of Honor:

  • ROH Pure Wrestling Championship
    • February 14, 2004. Second Anniversary Show. Defeated CM Punk in the Pure title tournment.
  • ROH Tag Team Championship
    • March 15, 2003 with Amazing Red. Expect the Unexpected. Defeated Christopher Daniels and Xavier.

Pro Wrestling Illustrated:

  • PWI Tag Team of the Year

Pro Wrestling Guerilla:

  • PWG Championship

New Japan Pro Wrestling:

  • IWGP Heavyweight Championship

New Korea Pro Wrestling Association:

  • NKPWA Junior Heavyweight Championship

Midwest Pro Wrestling:

  • MPW Universal Heavyweight Championship

Maximum Pro Wrestling:

  • Max-Pro Cruiserweight Championship

Independent Wrestling Revolution:

  • IWR King of the Indies Championship

International Wrestling Cartel:

  • IWC Super Indies Championship

Independent Wrestling Association Mid-South:

  • IWA Mid-South Heavyweight Championship
  • Ted Petty Invitational

Independent Professional Wrestling

  • IPW Heavyweight Championship

Christian Wrestling Federation/Entertainment:

  • CWF/E Heavyweight Championship

Ballpark Brawl:

  • Natural Heavyweight Championship

All Access Wrestling:

  • AAW Heavyweight Championship

NWA Wildside:

  • NWA Wildside Heavyweight Championship
  • NWA Wildside Television Championship

Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • 5 Star Match Rating (Only one in TNA History)

    9/11/05 AJ Styles vs. Samoa Joe vs. Christopher Daniels (TNA

    Unbreakable 2005)

In wrestling

Finishing moves

  • Calf Killer (Calf slicer) – 2013–present
  • Diving crossbody – 2001; used as a signature move from 2002–present
  • Figure four leglock – 2010–2011; adopted from Ric Flair
  • Flying crucifix armbar – 2008–2009
  • Frog splash – 2003–2006
  • Spiral Tap (Corkscrew somersault transitioned into either a leg drop or a senton bomb) – 2001–2007; used rarely thereafter
  • Styles Clash (Belly to back inverted mat slam, sometimes from the second rope)
  • Bloody Sunday (Lifting single underhook DDT, sometimes from the top rope)

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