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Another Sci-Fi Shooter. Pass.

Story: You are a miner on a Hubbardium Mining Station, Alpha Prime. You help your friend and an ex-lover. Cover up, Lots of Shooting.

Graphics: Doom 3 Engine/Unreal. Looks fine, runs fine.

Audio: Average Repeated Voice Overs, VO Quality decent.

Missions: Around 10+ missions, each lasts about 30+ minutes

Features: Cool RECON device that lets you see through walls to hack into cameras, small robots, and electronics to make booby traps.

Multiplayer: None

Requirements: Average PC Weapons: Wrench, Pistol, Shotgun, Machine Gun, Laser Sniper Rifle, Rocket Launcher, Grenades, etc.

The Good: Looks nice, different sci-fi esque story

The Bad: Difficult, Average FPS gamers can try Normal but all others should go Easy

The Ugly: Quickloading 10 or more times after not being able to find any health stations and being forced to take down a room of 6 enemies and a turret.

Replay Ability: Short/None

The Bottom Line: Shows that the Doom 3 Engine still looks good but the difficulty is very annoying and enraging at times. Play at your own risk.


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