My 5 part Amnesia Endurance Run: Links Inside

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Part 1

Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Great game, lots of fun. I did have my mic set to low volume during the play through, so you can hear me screaming profanities and squealing like a girl throughout. This was my first time thorugh the game and I was able to figure everything out without a guide, a buddy gave me a hint once or twice but otherwise I just went for it! Enjoy!
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Had I seen the thread, I would have watched along while you played.

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@Make_Me_Mad: Sorry you missed it, was a fun time! Awesome game too, I don't skip any of the story or diary entries so if anyone's interested in seeing the whole story I definitely didn't miss much. In fact at the end I went back and got all the different endings.

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