[Video]Newbie Amnesia SCAREThrough with Holy![webcam]

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Hello all,

i recently bought Amnesia: The Dark Descent, heard about it from a friend who dared me to play it, so i decided to do a first time scarethrough of the game! I liked it very much, didn't get me all that scared /for now/ and record it all with a webcam for emotions!

These are the recorded episodes for now -


Hopefully you will enjoy them


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@Holy2Lord: Hello Holy. While it's always good to see new users signing up to the site, the forums are meant to be a place of discussion, not a platform for self-promotion. We believe allowing users to sign up just to start new threads plugging their links would clog the forums for those who actually want to use them to start genuine discussions. If you want to share your YouTube channel you can do so here but threads like this one will be locked.


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