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145509 Slag Game Overview This game started the Amnesia franchise. I figure it ought to be included in the franchise it created 11/12/14 07:40AM 5 Approved
115867 LiquidSaiyan3 Game Overview Added Linux to platforms 06/19/14 07:09AM 3 Approved
107036 elise Game Overview Typo correction. 05/17/14 11:23AM 3 Approved
104665 Blanes Game Overview 05/06/14 04:28PM 6 Approved
104292 Blanes Game Overview Added Developer, Publisher from Steam Data 05/05/14 07:07AM 9 Approved
99510 clorex Game Overview Missing platform information in game details sidebar. 04/12/14 01:58AM 4 Approved
90804 Jagged85 Game Overview 02/28/14 06:05PM 3 Approved
90803 Jagged85 Game Overview 02/28/14 06:04PM 9 Approved
68740 3DrunkMen Game Overview Added Vanish to similar games 11/15/13 03:28PM 2 Denied
55519 BeachThunder Game Overview 09/06/13 12:55PM 4 Approved
33345 SaturdayNightSpecials Game Overview 05/31/13 02:28PM 2 Approved
33344 SaturdayNightSpecials Game Overview 05/31/13 02:27PM 4 Approved
4246 dungbootle Game Overview 02/17/13 04:57AM 5 Approved
4245 dungbootle Game Overview 02/17/13 04:53AM 5 Approved
4244 dungbootle Game Overview 02/17/13 04:52AM 5 Approved
4242 dungbootle Game Overview 02/17/13 04:45AM 5 Approved
4241 dungbootle Game Overview 02/17/13 04:44AM 5 Approved
2661 NuclearWinter Game Overview 02/15/13 08:03AM 2 Approved
2427 cabelhigh Game Overview Just took the Call of Cthulhu franchise off the Franchises bar, since they aren't officially related. 02/14/13 10:52PM 3 Approved

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