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perfect game

Yes i admit it. I am a 24 year old man. And For over a decade the animal crossing series has been a dirty little secret of mine. And the amount of time I've obsessively spent gathering bells catching bugs fish ect. over the last 3 games is something I do not regret. In fact I could not wait for new leaf to arrive. And at last it has I have to admit I was afraid it being a handheld version it would feel a bit barren and small like wild world. But after playing New Leaf my initial expectations for the game were shattered. From the second I started playing I was immediately stunned at how amazing the graphics were. The art style and character design had been changed but still maintained that animal crossing feel. But he first major change was the beginning. From getting to actually choose your town layout to not having to spend your first hour slaving away for tom nook. In fact Tom nook seems to have mellowed out not only do you not have to work for him and his store he no longer runs the store instead he is a real estate agent he also does not force you into upgrading your home after paying off your debt. Tom nook has his nephews Timmy and Tommy running the shop now and there is even another shop run by two alpacas which deal in purchasing and reselling any items you don't want. And As if your time in animal crossing wasn't already filled with a ton of optional activities in New Leaf you assume the role of Town mayor (through apparently a very strange election process where nobody knows what the person is called or even looks like) which means you now have a more pro dominant role in your village other than just living there. You can now set your own laws and can build community projects which is everything from streetlights to the Eiffel tower. This gives you almost limitless possibilities. This is a very great addition to the game. Continuing with traditional animal crossing features holidays and events return and many of them have been improved and are much more enjoyable as you have a different role to play in each. And in true animal crossing style everything is totally optional. Everything follows the play at your own pace dynamic. Which gives the game its relaxed feel. The online functionality has been greatly improved and uses spot pass as well as wifi. Overall this game breathes new life into this already amazing franchise from the overall look to the new game play mechanics everything feels fresh while still maintaining that classic animal crossing feel I've fallen in love with.

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It's gonna kill me to try and earn all those gold badges.

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