The Battle Squids are up and running

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Howdy GB community, 
Let me start this off by getting straight to the point: this is a call-out for recruits for my team, Battle Squids (X360). 
Now, let me clarify what the purpose of Battle Squids actually is in terms of me, you, and other GB players. 
I started Battle Squids mainly just as a personal team for me and one other friend. For those of you who don't know: the game initially asks you to either create a team or join an existing one before it lets you loose on the game. I've decided to open this up to the GB community, because I would really much rather play with you guys. Seriously. It's the internet. However, I don't have any specific criteria. I welcome any and all levels of players, because I just wanted to create a team of quality people. 
I wanted this to be a place for: 
A) GB members (in case the official GB team is full) 
B) players who would rather NOT bother creating and maintaining their own team  
C) newcomers to be comfortably join 
As a bonus for newcomers, my team is already Level 50. That means all parts (so far) have been unlocked for you to purchase, allowing you to freely experiment, run tests, learn the game, and smash BIG ROBITS with other players (novice or seasoned alike) with all the parts unlocked to your heart's content. 
I didn't make this team to make a name for myself (or my friend) within the AC5 community. We really just wanted to tinker with our ACs and smash 'em together. After some thought, I decided to do what I can do best: try to make a good place for y'all. If the team decides to do Conquest or get competitive, sure, we'll do it for the glory and the giggles, but I'm not claiming this is a "serious" and "professional" team. It's just a middle ground. Where we can smash some ACs. 
You can find Battle Squids on the 360, Washington State, English (duh). 
My enlistment method is SCREENING; that means you're free to apply, but I have to let you in. This way, not every kid on the continent can just join. 
My gamertag is ikabubu. Just post who you are below (your gamertag or AC pilot name) or PM me to let you in. Cheers.

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I just bought the game, I will apply to your team when prompted. I live in cali, so PST time, and work 1-10pm m-f. So I will be on at weird hours, but I can't really help that. Hope to play with ya soon!

Gamertag is DREADS Wise Man

EDIT: Actually, I can't seem to find it =S Can you make sure all the information is correct? Or is there a different way to search? Help please!

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@jking47: Hmmm... my friend also had some trouble finding it at first, then he showed up on my enlistment screen. I've added you to my friends list, but not on the actual team. Let me update ya if I figure out why it's a little hard to find. 
Edit: That team search function is absolute bollocks. I wiggled the Enlistment method from Screening > Free > Screening again, seemed enough to make my team visible in the search screen. I recommend searching for "battle squids" under "newest teams first".
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Battled squids FTW!

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@ikabubu: Applied! Accept soon so I can play the game, lol. See ya out there!

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