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E3 2014: Sony Press Conference Recap

Sony killed at E3 last year. Do they have an encore of that performance in store?

Sony continues to win the battle for the coolest E3 stage setup with an impressive wraparound screen. They brought out the big guns pretty much immediately with a little sizzle reel for Destiny. You're a soldier of legend, one of the few capable of the great tasks which are required, the last hope of humanity, etc. It's a Bungie game, alright!

  • Destiny will launch on Playstation first...for the beta. July 17th isn't too far off! Playstation 4 owners will also get a chance to play the first-look Alpha in the near future.
  • New SKU: White Playstation 4 with a Destiny bundle when the game ships on September 9.
  • A new IP only available on PS4: The Order: 1886. Following a dude as he walks through a dark building looking for...something. He finds it, and it appears to be a werewolf of some sort. It looks great, although it's really difficult to tell if this is real gameplay or not, despite a UI being displayed from time to time.
  • Smoooooooth jazz as they introduce Entwined. From a "small team of academic game designers." "A game about two souls in love but who can't be together." This definitely looks like something that will be up someone's alley. Looks similar to Dyad and other rhythm games; it's also available tonight on the PS4 store, coming up on PS3 and Vita on cross-buy.
  • Infamous: Second Son stand-alone DLC, with exclusive content if you already own Second Son. Looks like a prequel relating some of Fetch's backstory. InFamous: First Light, coming in August. No gameplay shown, alas.
  • Little Big Planet 3! Different characters have different abilities like wall-jumping, super speed, and extra strength to help your team maneuver through the world. Not sure if that means that if it'll be possible to play through the game in single-player as it seems like you'll need to have a fairly full team to get past all the obstacles that are placed in your way. It looks a lot like more Little Big Planet.
  • After a bit of a talk from Shu, we get a first look at a trailer for Bloodborne, a verrry gothic-looking game from From Software, which I assume is what all those Project Beast leaks were about. Looks very nice, but there was no UI or gameplay to judge.
  • Straight to the first gameplay from Far Cry 4 for the day. Some great outdoor area design here, and some fun-looking combat with a mini crossbow and some sticky bombs. A nice little carjacking sequence where your character hops into the passenger seat of a car and kills the driver with a knife to the face before going over a cliff and saving himself with a wingsuit for a drop to a valley below. Next mission starts with another player seamlessly dropping in. Looks like a lot of good fun: strafing runs from a helicopter, using an elephant as a weapon, and more. Very likely a heavily scripted demo, but still: looking good.
  • Playstation 4 gamers will be able to invite other players to join their game online, even if their friends don't own the game. No idea how that'll work, but sounds like it might be a bit of a gamechanger depending on what the catch is.
  • Another non-gameplay trailer, but hard to tell if it's CGI or in-engine. The day's first zombies after Dead Rising 3? Fun little trailer for Dead Island 2; sounded like Jack Black might be voicing a character. No gameplay.
  • Some exclusives to the Playstation: sounds like Hulk will only be in Disney Infinity on Sony versions of the game. Exclusive stuff for Destiny that kinda sounds like the usual pre-order stuff that shouldn't be terribly compelling, but I guess we'll see.
  • Live-action trailer for something Magicka-related, and it is indeed Magicka 2.
  • Neat little surprise: a remastered Grim Fandango is a PS4 and PS Vita exclusive; sounds like Disney will be publishing.
  • Big collection of indie stuff: Broforce, Titan Souls, Not a Hero, Hotline Miami 2. If you want some pixel art, stay tuned.
  • A Suda 51 game will be an exclusive to the PS4: Looks like something similar in style to a Dead Rising, with looting and stats on weapons and damage numbers popping up over enemy heads. Multiplayer focused? Game is called Let It Die; coming in 2015.
  • Neat little swimming/scuba game from the makers of Journey; looks more atmospheric than action-packed. Called Abzu and will be debuting on Playstation.
  • Another console debut: No Man's Sky, the procedurally-generated exploration game. Looks very nice with some distinctive UI work, and a great demo where your character seamlessly jumps from a planet to some space combat and back to another planet. Not sure what the gameplay actually is yet, but it looks great.
  • This is when my stream started to chop like a madman, so unfortunately I missed some stuff here. A bit of a surprising announcement in that Project Morpheus will have two demos playable on the show floor.
  • 25 free to play games coming to Playstation platforms.
  • Playstation Now will be heading into open beta on July 31st on PS4. Also coming to PS3 and Vita at some point, and then..."select Sony televisions."
  • "Over 100 Vita titles in development today." Who knows how many of those are obscure Japanese titles, though.
  • Playstation TV is coming to America. Ships for $99 but sounds like memory cards will be extra, so enjoy paying another $30 or so for those.
  • Gameplay footage from Mortal Kombat X. Amusingly enough, the cinematic trailer with Scorpion and Sub-Zero that caused so many ripples leads directly into the first fight here between the pair on the snow stage that was shown in the CGI trailer. It's a very good-looking 2D fighter with some great-looking attack animations. Lots of fatalities, too.
  • A Ratchet & Clank movie and a remake of the original Ratchet and Clank for PS4, so that's neat if you like Ratchet & Clank. This is a comment about how long this conference is; heading into its 90th minute now.
  • "The following trailer contains spoilers" is probably not what you want to hear if you haven't played Last Of Us yet. Looks like Remastered will be along on July 29th for PS4.
  • I'm going to confess that I haven't been keeping up very well with Metal Gear Solid 5 at all, but it's easy to tell that it's going to look fantastic when it arrives.
  • GTAV is coming to next-gen indeed, and it looks like it might be debuting on PS4. Looks great, but we'll need to take a closer look at it in person to tell what kind of visual improvements they've really made. Better anti-aliasing will make that game a lot more enjoyable. 360 and PS3 owners can port their saves over.
  • First look at Batman: Arkham Knight today. This game looks very good, with a pretty stunning draw distance and some wonderful graphical touches. The Batmobile has a great transformation animation from driving to tank mode, which allows it to strafe around targets. Looks like the main villain this time around is going to be Scarecrow.
  • And, last but not least, Uncharted 4: A Thief's End has a cinematic trailer. Might be CGI, but I wouldn't doubt that Naughty Dog could make a game look this good. If this is actual gameplay footage, though, that's gonna be an amazing-looking game.

That was a very long conference with some good-looking game. No Last Guardian, which is probably the big disappointment, but there's always TGS.

Posted by mustachioeugene

Missed it live, thanks @rorie

Posted by drabnon

Just barely better than the MS conference for me. The Little Big Planet demo, the Powers TV show, and the guy who came out to talk about PSN/Free-to-Play all went on WAY too long. Sony was pushed up by Mortal Kombat, No Man's Sky, the Farcry Demo, and the Uncharted 4 teaser. Hopefully they have a better showing next year.

Posted by schreiberty

Man, im super excited for nearly everything shown today. I don't get why people are disappointed by this e3, they must not like video games.

Posted by sub_o

The tease of Vib Ribbon twice, while no actual follow up to it, is kinda like playing with our hearts.

Posted by Rydemption

Man, im super excited for nearly everything shown today. I don't get why people are disappointed by this e3, they must not like video games.

was watching on spikes web stream my god that chat was toxic. only thing i can partially see why people didnt like it was the POWERS show and ratchet movie. 2 things and they acted like it was the whole show, I thought it was good. And that uncharted.... oh my

Posted by L1GHTN1N

@schreiberty: I think a lot of the games shown look great, but I'm incredibly bummed that basically nothing is 2014 coupled with all the other games that got delayed to 2015 sort of deflated me.

Posted by bkbroiler


Posted by yesac2004

A little off topic, but does anybody have any idea how big of a download the Destiny alpha will be? Really hoping I can give it a shot and not just have to spend the whole 3 days downloading it.

Edited by Dan_CiTi

It technically had less exclusives (I think) than MS, but I still liked it, it just should have been shorter. The lack of Last Guardian is mysterious and disappointing. It's insane nothing concrete has been shown on that game since 2009.

Edited by StarvingGamer

USFIV over PSnow sounds like a nightmare. Regular lag is bad enough.

Posted by wsowen02

For all the shit talking Sony did about being about the gamers, that segment in the middle was embarrassing

Posted by Winternet
Posted by kindone

@wsowen02: Didn't you listen? They are providing that content for gamers, because thats what gamers want.

Yes, sarcasm.

Posted by Pink_o_mat

Grim Fandango is surprise. I was sury Disney would just bury the LucasArts games in a vault. Have to buy a PS4 now!

Edited by thefozz26

@schreiberty: totaly agree! Between now and next e3 my going to feel my wallet get lighter thanks to the shear number of awesome games coming this year, so sony are abit short on exclusives til next year, if anything im glad because the 3rd parties are going big this winter. Just Destiny, Far Cry 4 and Dragon Age 3 alone are going to destroy my social life was weeks if not months. I wouldn't have time for much else.

Posted by gunslingerNZ

I'm actually really excited by a lot of the content that's going to be coming to the PS Vita. Not really sure why the platform gets so much shit, it's actually really solid and PS Now is only going to make it even better.

Posted by sodapop7

Some cool stuff but the trailers for GTA V and the Last of Us kind of bummed me out. Still feels like those just came out.

Posted by popmasterruler

Aw no Last Guardian :( ?

Posted by GTCknight

All in all, it was a fine event like Jeff mentioned the middle was wasn't great.

However, I am a crazy guy who was hoping (dreaming to be honest) that there could be a Berserk or a All you need is Kill (the original) game announced. Obviously I was left disappointed.

Posted by Scrumdidlyumptious

Holy fuck I missed a lot of stuff.

Posted by Nadafinga

Even though it went on about 20 minutes too long, overall I am very pleased with the Sony show. Very excited to see a next gen Nathan Drake.

The Dead Island 2 thing puzzled me, only because I thought Dying Light was the "spiritual successor" to that franchise. Wonder how similar the two will end up being...

And seriously, how is a little studio like Hello Games making No Man's Sky, which is without a doubt the most ambitious game I can imagine?

Posted by Cold_Wolven

I'm gonna say that was in game footage of Uncharted 4, I don't think a team like Naughty Dog would use CG.

Posted by Pitta

Kind of surprised the only real interesting AAA console exclusive was The Order. The indies are all going to be timed exclusives. The PS TV stuff is cool if it works.

MS defiantly brought their A game this year. Far more interesting and plentiful AAA exclusives. Good on em.

Edited by KaneRobot

Nothing that makes me want a PS4. Not a bad showing although that middle part...ouch.

I guess if I was a huge fan of Grim Fandango I would be excited, but when it comes to holy-shit-they-showed-THAT-game-at-E3-in-2014 moments, Phantom Dust beats it out.

MGS V - yes, please.

Posted by captain_clayman

They really didn't show that many exclusives, but they did show a lot of games, and that's enough to get me pumped. I'm going to be purchasing the majority of these games on ps4 unless my pc is capable of making it look superior, so basically all of the games they talked about are on my PS4 wishlist.

Posted by Jesus_Phish

"The following trailer contains spoilers" is probably not what you want to hear if you haven't played Last Of Us yet.

- It's absolutely what you want to hear if you haven't played Last Of Us. It meant I could mute the stream and go to the bathroom.

Edited by Naoiko

About mid way through I had to call it a night, so thank you so much for the recap =) You rock!

Posted by thomasnash

Actually made me seriously consider buying a PS4. I did a little fist-pump at Grim Fandango - I love that game!

No Man's Sky continues to look awesome, even if that Hell Games guy was super uncharismatic. Some of the things they were saying about it though made me wonder about it, in particular he said a lot about putting each player on a different planet, and how he was looking forward to discovering what we found in the procedurally generated universe. It suggested to me that rather than randomly generated worlds a la Dwarf Fortress, what they had created was one very large (infinite!) universe using their procedural generation tools, and that this was then being solidified as the game universe? Not sure really. I'd also be interested to know what the object of it is though. At the beginning of the trailer it showed some blocks which had a material name and said they were explosive, and it made me wonder if there was going to be a Minecraft/Terraria/Starbound element to it?

Hadn't been at all interested in the Order, but that trailer looked cool. I thought what Jeff was saying about how they were aiming for those really smooth transitions into gameplay from cutscenes seemed really impressive - although I do get his point about not wanting control taken away too often. I'd hope that a system like that would be used more to insert gameplay into cutscenes (beyond QTEs) than to insert cutscenes into gameplay...

Thought Abzu looked real nice - but didn't it look a lot like Journey 2 the ocean floor? I found something about that a little disappointing in a way...

Really liked the look of Blodborne, but I'm a big fan of Dark Souls so not surprising. Hard to say, but I thought maybe some of the world design was trying to differentiate itself from Dark Souls? Maybe I'm imagining that because the creature design looked very familiar.

So yeah, that opening hour really held my interest!

Posted by Fredchuckdave

Man I really wish there was gameplay footage of this game that I already saw gameplay footage of.

Posted by Tesla

Like the MS conference, this one was pretty alright. Both showed a few cool looking games and no real surprises. Although a new Grim Fandango and Abzu are right in my wheelhouse, and I guess Bloodborne was technically a new game announcement even though it leaked.

Edited by langdonx

Sooo, what the heck is Japan Studio working on? Saving it for TGS?

Edit: Oh, I guess Bloodborne with From... that can't be all can it?

Posted by MormonWarrior

@rorie Johnny V came out and said the Hulk will be first on PlayStation, not exclusive.

Posted by Wolf3

Glad VitaTV is coming to the U.S.! I thought about importing but glad I didn't.

Sounds like a pretty solid showing. Nothing too shocking but still, sounds nice. Entwined sounds cool.

I'd love to see a new Ratchet & Clank Future, or Resistance, or something original from Insomniac. Don't like the original Ratchet so 'eh. But I'd love to see what a PS4 Ratchet & Clank Future would look like :-D

Edited by Foggen
@sub_o said:

The tease of Vib Ribbon twice, while no actual follow up to it, is kinda like playing with our hearts.

I don't really even care about Vib Ribbon, but I was still mad about that.

Edited by whitegreyblack

I'm frustrated that the North American Playstation website still has zero information about the Playstation TV. Nothing. Not even a compatible games list or just a placeholder info page. They should have just put it out on the market a year ago.

edit: There is now a section on Sony's site:

Posted by Mr_Creeper

More games revealed/trailered at the Sony conferences that I'm interested in than any other. Good job, Sony; keep 'em comin'.

Posted by mrpandaman


There's a small typo, where you forgot to fully link The Order 1886, well it's linked correctly, just that the 6 is not red as well. Very small thing, but just something I noticed. But thanks for the recap, I almost forgot everything that happened before the middle.