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An alternate history third-person action-shooter from Ready At Dawn. It is Ready At Dawn's first original console game after having previous success with PSP titles such as Daxter and God of War: Chains of Olympus.


The Order is set in alternate history where humans around the 8th century begin to take on animal like traits. These humans are known as "half-breeds". A war soon breaks out between the humans and half-breeds. Humanity was losing this war until King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table discover a substance called Black Water, which gives its users healing abilities and greatly increases life expectancy. This with the combination of the Industrial Revolution (which have granted the Order access to futuristic weapons) are helping humanity turn the tide of the war.

Current Knights of the Order are given names of one of the original Knights of the Round Table. The player takes on the role of Sir Galahad (birth name Grayson). He is currently the third man to bear the name. The rest of your squad consists of Lady Ingraine,Galahad's love interest (though the Order's rules prevent them from being together), Sir Percival, and the real life American and French Revolution officer, Marquis de Lafayette (who has no title due to being an apprentice).

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