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Announced on June 2, 2014, Mortal Kombat X is the tenth main entry in the long line of fighting games of the Mortal Kombat franchise. Set for release in 2015 and developed by NetherRealm Studios, it is the first MK game for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. While it will also be available for the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC, another studio will handle the work required to bring the game to older consoles.


Characters have three different variations to choose from before battle, each of which adds additional moves or perks. This allows players to give Scorpion a fireball attack in one form, or choose another that allows him to create and launch demonic clones of himself at his foes. This is done to create different versions of a character that can serve different purposes, such as one version that's good for zoning and another that's focused more on rushdown tactics.

The same power gauge from Mortal Kombat (2011) returns, enhanced versions of special moves costs one bar, a combo breaker costs two bars and a X-Ray attack costs all three bars.

Each character will have multiple finishing moves.


Mortal Kombat X is said to have a fully connected experience with persistent online that has all fighters contributing to a greater conflict of some kind.


As described during E3 2014 by Ed Boon, Mortal Kombat X's timeline will begin at the end of the previous entry and stretch for 25 years, allowing for older versions of returning characters, as well as the descendants and proteges of other characters (such as Cassie Cage). Boon also said the final boss is a familiar, returning character, but offered no hints to his or her identity.


Cassie Cage

Cassie is the daughter of series regulars and survivors of the events of Mortal Kombat (2011), Johnny Cage and Sonya Blade.

  • Hollywood - Two extra special moves, Air Akimbo and Nut Kracker.
  • Brawler - Two extra special moves, Air Power Slam and Take Down.
  • Spec Ops - Two extra special moves, Air Assault and The American Way.


Half insect, half human female making her debut in MKX.

  • Brood Mother - Two extra special moves, Krawler and Bug Blast.
  • Swarm Queen - Two extra special moves, Vortex Swarm and Wasp Grenade.
  • Venomous - Two extra special moves, Bug Burst and Ovipostior.


A duo that functions as one unit, a lumbering monster and a diminutive fighter who rides and attacks from a top.

  • Ruthless - Pain and Gain ability.
  • Vicious - Two extra special moves, The Boss Toss, Little Kutter, and increased Ferra Damage.
  • Lackey - Torr is enhanced but Ferra doesn't participate in the fight.

Kotal Kahn

A powerful, supernatural character that appears to be of Aztec descent.

  • Blood God - Gains access to Crystal, Obsidian and Blood Totems.
  • War God - "Macuahuilt" based special moves.
  • Sun God - Two extra special moves known as Sun God Choke and Soul Scorch.


God of Thunder and appointed Protector of EarthRealm. After successfully averting Armageddon, Raiden returns to fend off threats to humanity.

  • Thunder God - Electrocution combos
  • Displacer - Teleportation
  • Storm Lord - Lightning Traps


Formerly known as the human Hanzo Hasashi of Japan's Shirai Ryu ninja clan, Scorpion rose from the dead as a Netherrealm spectre to avenge the death of his family and clan.

  • Ninjutsu - Two ninja swords on Scorpion's back give him unique weapon attacks.
  • Hellfire - Three extra special moves known as Hell Ball, Demon Fire and Flame Aura.
  • Inferno - Allows the summoning of a demonic minion to assist.


Mysterious ice-wielding assassin. His true identity is unknown. Ties to the previous two Sub-Zeros (Bi Han and Kuai Liang) or the Lin Kuei clan are unknown as well.

  • Cyromancer - Sub-Zero summons ice weapons.
  • Unbreakable - Two extra special moves known as Frozen Aura and Barrier of Frost.
  • Grand Master - Access to the Ice Clone, usable as both a shield and something to throw at opponents.


Rumors regarding a new Mortal Kombat were confirmed by series co-creator Ed Boon after a cryptic countdown via his Twitter account, leading to June 2, 2014. The game was officially unveiled that day along with a CG trailer by Digital Dimensions featuring an original track titled "Can't Be Stopped" by American rapper Wiz Khalifa. The trailer depicted Scorpion and Sub-Zero locked in combat and showed X-Ray attacks last seen in Mortal Kombat (2011).

The game runs on a vastly updated version of the same Unreal Engine 3-based technology, reformulated for use on the next generation of consoles.

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