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Much of the aesthetic of No Man's Sky is inspired by the work of legendary Sci-Fi Illustrator Chris Foss.

No Man's Sky, developed by Hello Games (makers of Joe Danger), was first announced during Spike's VGX awards show on December 7, 2013.

It has its "console debut" on PlayStation 4. A PC version will be released later.

It features procedurally generated environments, including planets (with flora & fauna), star systems and galaxies, for the player to explore. Also, like Frontier and Evochron Mercenary, the game features a seamless transition between the surface of a planet and space.

It has been in development since 2012, under codename Skyscraper. Heavy inspiration is drawn from Golden Age Science Fiction authors such as Isaac Asimov, Robert A. Heinlein and Frederik Pohl, as well as the art of illustrator Chris Foss.

No release date is confirmed but Sean Murray of Hello Games said "2015".


No Man's Sky developer Hello Games has remained vague in regards to the gameplay loop, but deny that it is primarily an ambient experience like Proteus or Dear Esther. Players are free to explore a procedurally generated universe in first-person and via their own spacecraft. There is no overt goal or objective by intent.

The Atlas, the translucent diamond with the red bubble on the logo treatment, is the only current indication towards any in-game fiction or overarching objective.

The Atlas will challenge Explorers attempting the journey to the centre of the Galaxy.

Players share a procedurally generated universe. All content is generated under one seed, which keeps locations and content generated consistent for all players.

New players are placed on a previously undiscovered planet on the rim of the galaxy. Hello Games expect many players will attempt a journey to the center of the galaxy. Game difficulty will ramp up as players progress towards the core. Players will find themselves challenged by both a malevolent robotic force as well as world generation that becomes increasingly more warped, hostile and abstract towards the galactic core.

Gameplay is known to include space and ground based combat, open world exploration and discovery. Resource (or RESOZU in game) acquired in game via exploration, cataloging wildlife, combat or space trading serves as the player currency. It can be spent to enable upgrades to the player's suit (to provide greater resistance to toxic, radioactive and underwater environments) and tools for resource acquisition and on-foot combat. The ships can be purchased outright or upgraded with a suite of upgrades such as FTL jump distance.

Players defeated will lose accumulated upgrades, however this is not a perma-death, game failure state. Players defeated in space for instance will be left in a escape pod, with their bank balance, and will have to reacquire a spaceship.


No Man's Sky is not a MMO. However, online interaction includes asynchronous pooling of players' discoveries into central database, as they collectively catalogue the universe. Social features such as in-game chat are confirmed, as well as currently undefined abilities for players to help each other remotely.

In-game multiplayer interaction is limited in the game in that players could encounter another player when exploring the universe but due to the scale of the game it is unlikely players will easily find each other.


65daysofstatic's 5th album Silent Running, was an alternative soundtrack the 1972 classic Sci-Fi film of the same name.

All musical accompaniment to preview gameplay has been by Sheffield based, Post-Rock act 65daysofstatic (sic). Most predominantly the track Debutante from We Were Exploding Anyway. Sean Murray of Hello Games that the act will be producing the soundtrack for the game and also releasing a No Man's Sky album.

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