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Jeff on Bonus Round, Plus Our Plans for Tokyo

Jeff chops it up with Pachter, Geoff, and Shane about the holiday's biggest games, plus what you can expect to see from us over the course of this week.

The only word is... Keighley!
The only word is... Keighley!
Last week I had the opportunity to head down to Los Angeles and tape an episode of GameTrailers' regular panel show, Bonus Round. In this episode, host Geoff Keighley talks to myself, Shane Satterfield, and Michael Pachter about this year's big games. Expect to hear Wii Music used as a punchline in the second installment!

The episode is posted in four installments. The first installment is now available, and covers a few of the big shooters due out this year. Check it out and be sure to check out GT for the rest of the parts as they're posted. I had a great time doing it, and Mandy the make-up artist did a good job of making me not look like I had stayed up most of the night and had just stepped off of a plane. Considering what she had to work with, it was practically a miracle.

But enough about me, let's talk about us. Or, at least, let's talk about the Tokyo Game Show.

The posse is leaving for Tokyo tomorrow morning. We'll leave San Francisco on Monday morning and arrive in Japan on Tuesday afternoon. We'll be in town for around a week, and we'll be posting videos and regular, practically daily podcasts for the duration of the trip. I say "practically" because between jet lag and time differences, anything is possible.

This guy right here is pretty stoked about Giancarlo's Death Star level.
This guy right here is pretty stoked about Giancarlo's Death Star level.
We'll be taking in the sights here and there, I'll almost certainly buy a used game or two, and we'll be running rampant all over the show floor at the Tokyo Game Show. I'll be especially interested to see what, if anything, Namco has to say about home versions of Tekken 6. Capcom will have new Resident Evil 5 to show, Sony is announcing a ton of new games... my point is that it should be an exciting show.

I should already be finished packing, but today has been very slow-going, largely due to the LittleBigPlanet beta. Remember how I've been saying that I've yet to have my "moment" with that game that makes me totally understand why people are going nuts over it. Well, I think I finally had it today. That game's going to be awesome. It's smart for Sony to be sending out so many keys for the beta, because that game's lack of first-person firearm fun will probably make it a tough sell to what I envision as the typical PS3 owner. Word-of-mouth from people who have touched it will probably be more effective than any TV advertising they could do, because when you see video or screens of it, it just kind of looks like a really floaty platformer with bad photos of Rick Astley in it. So consider this the latest word-of-mouth on LBP...

Dude, that game's probably going to be amazing.
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