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Mass Effect 2 PS3 For Sale On PSN January 18

I wonder which one Shepard will endorse.

Surprise! Mass Effect 2 for the PS3 will also hit PSN on Jan. 18, the same day the boxed version hits store shelves. According to this recent reveal post on the PS blog, this digital version apparently won’t be lacking features that the physical version is shipping with, meaning you’ll get access to all the free DLC hitting with the game and, presumably, the Cerberus Network stuff as well.

Also, when you buy the digital version, you’ll get the oft-talked-about digital comic, which acts as a bridge between Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2. I didn’t catch this until today, but apparently this comic is also interactive, allowing you to make those important moral choices from the original ME that informs certain… situations and outcomes in the second game. 

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No word on the price on the digital version just yet, but I’ll note that the physical version of the port will ship at the normal $60 price tag. PS3 users, if you're down to play Giant Bomb's Game of the Year 2010, will you be seeking out a disc copy or just downloading it straight from PSN?