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Retro/Grade Does It Backwards

Shooting, rhythm, and the magic of time travel collide in this new PSN shooter.

Sony's official blog posted up a trailer for this slick-looking shooter, Retro/Grade.

 So... it's a space shooter, but you play it in reverse. This turns it into more of a rhythm game, since you need match up your ship's location with the shots that you've fired... or that you will fire... uh... in the future. OK, it's a little touch to describe, but it sort of reminds me of Bit.Trip Beat, since you're sort of moving up and down to "catch" shots that are heading in your direction. According to the game's developer--24 Caret Games--you'll be able to play Retro/Grade with a guitar controller, if that's your thing. That sounds like a pretty cool touch.

No release date for the PSN versions has been mentioned yet, but the game was a finalist at the Independent Games Festival, and the PC demo used at IGF is available from Steam.
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