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Seth Killian Reveals New Home at Sony

The former Capcom evangelist is now a designer at Sony Santa Monica.

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Just because Seth Killian has left Capcom doesn’t mean he’s leaving behind fighting games forever, as the newly announced Sony Santa Monica employee has already been assigned to work on and promote PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale.

Killian revealed his new home on the PlayStation Blog. His new title is lead game designer at Sony Santa Monica, and his office is right around the corner from the teams working on God of War: Ascension and The Unfinished Swan.

If you've talked to Killian anytime recently, he's constantly singing the praises of independent game developers, so it's not shocking he's stoked to be working with a studio like Giant Sparrow.

"There are other amazing studios in the world, but nowhere else that I know where you can find that kind of diversity combined with such a deep commitment to greatness,” he wrote in his introduction to Sony fans.

It’s unclear how much of an impact Killian could have on the design of PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale this late in development. That being said, having an EVO finalist and someone who worked closely with the Capcom teams as Superbot Entertainment tweaks and balances its take on Super Smash Bros. is A Very Good Thing.

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