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Stacking DLC "The Lost Hobo King" Hitting This April

A quest to restore a hobo to power? Sounds like something Charlie Blackmore would be into.

Surprise! A downloadable add-on is coming to Stacking. On the heels of an achievement list leak, THQ has confirmed “The Lost Hobo King,” a chunk of DLC that will add a new story, a new environment, new challenges, and a total of 15 additional dolls with brand new powers to the game. No word on pricing, but it has been confirmed that The Lost Hobo King will come to both PSN and Xbox Live Marketplace at some point later this April. 

In brief, The Lost Hobo King will have Charlie recovering a fragmented crown and then re-forging it in order to restore a hobo to power in the kingdom of Camelfoot. You just can’t make this copy up:

In The Lost Hobo King, Charlie travels to the kingdom of Camelfoot to help his hobo friend Levi with an important family matter. Levi’s uncle Rufus, heir to the throne of Hobo, may only take his rightful place if the lost crown can be found. To recover the fragmented crown, Charlie must use his unique talents to overcome several tests of valor left by the ancient hobo mystics. It is only then that the ancient crown can be re-forged, Rufus crowned, and the fractured hobo people united under one sardine.


== TEASER ==I get the vibe that The Lost Hobo King will be similar to the Costume Quest expansion in both scale and price. If that's the case, you’re looking at tossing 5 bones Double Fine’s way later this April for a bite-size way to extend the experience for another couple of hours. Obviously, we don’t know if that’s the case quite yet with Stacking’s add-on, but we’ll report back when these details are out in the open.