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Welcome to Shocktober 2013

There are 31 days in October, and you might as well fill 'em with blood, gore, and monsters. Warning: lots of YouTube videos within!

It's that time again. October has arrived, and Shocktober has begun.

It blows my mind how many people haven't seen Trick 'r Treat. Please fix that! The best horror anthology since...Creepshow?

Shocktober isn't new in the Klepek family. My wife and I have been compiling lists of horror for the season of the witch for years, even holding off on watching some in hopes of making October's treats that much sweeter. We try to run the gamut--old, new, funny, scary.

The goal is to have a list of 31 horror movies but not feel constrained by the list. We have never actually watched 31 movies, and I don't expect that will change this year, either. Plus, horror is about mood. Some nights, you want ghosts. Other nights, you want unbridled revenge. Follow your cinematic bloodlust, friend, and it will keep you up at night.

Some things to remember about this list. This is my list, which means it's not a "best horror movies of all-time" list, and with the rare exception of Hellraiser and Trick 'r Treat, these are all movies I haven't seen yet. Most of these can be easily obtained by loading up Amazon, iTunes, or Netflix, and I'd recommend services like CanIStreamIt? to determine what's the best way to track them down on the devices you own. A few of the movies are theater-bound, and have been appropriately noted and listed on or after their theatrical date.

But this isn't a movie site, and there's plenty more planned for this month. Interviews, features, livestreams, and whatever madness pops into my head. I've wanted a reason to play Condemned: Criminal Origins again.

Please share your experiences in the comments! I'll probably file a few stories throughout the month, making notes and reacting to some of the movies. My wife will be gone for a good portion of the month, so I'm not sure how many we'll be getting in, but lord knows we'll try. And if you have any other suggestions? Have at me.

There's always next year.

  • Insidious: Chapter Two (2013)

  • Event Horizon (1997)

  • Trick 'R Treat (2007)

  • Bad Milo (2013)

  • All the Boys Love Mandy Lane (2006)

  • We Are What We Are (2013)

  • Dark Touch (2013)

  • Noroi: The Curse (2005)

  • Hell Baby (2013)

  • John Dies at the End (2012)

  • Rosemary's Baby (1968)

  • Pet Sematary (1989)

  • Come Out and Play (2012)

  • Escape From Tomorrow (2013)

  • +1 (2013)

  • Maniac (2013)

  • I Spit on Your Grave 2 (2013)

  • Would You Rather (2012)

  • Videodrome (1983)

  • Severance (2006)

  • American Mary (2012)

  • Screamers (1995)

  • Carrie (October 18)

  • Razorback (1984)

  • Shrooms (2007)

  • Dead End (2003)

  • The Dinosaur Project (2012)

  • Ghostwatch (1992)

  • Scenic Route (2013)

  • Hellraiser (1987)

  • The Last Days on Mars (2013)

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Edited by TheManWithNoPlan

Well damn. I thought I was through with horror after last month, but now I'm interested again. I'm somewhat surprised how many of these I've never seen.

Edited by Drekly

Too many videos on this page, slowed down my pc :C

Posted by AlKusanagi

If you're looking for more Japanese horror and you haven't seen it, I recommend "Pulse." It's a favorite of mine and it's on Netflix.

Posted by frogurt

Trick 'R' Treat really does need to be seen more. Great on Halloween movie (and piecewise horror movie).

Posted by Nekroskop

They remade Maniac? Fuck...

Posted by Little_Socrates

I would guess you've seen five or six of these, not just Hellraiser and Trick R' Treat. Like, you have seen Carrie and Rosemary's Baby, right?

Event Horizon is so underrated. It's not, like, super-scary, it's just really neat.

And I cannot WAIT to see Escape From Tomorrow, one of the university theaters is playing it Sunday night.

Posted by RockyRaccoon37

Holy crap @patrickklepek I can't believe you haven't seen Videodrome!

Edited by mintyice

@patrickklepek Yes! Glad you took my suggestion and put Shrooms on that list! Hopefully you get around to watching it.

Posted by ArtelinaRose

Noroi is going to stand out on this list as a lower key, slower burn. It is a very intelligent film that asks to be watched multiple times to really pick up some of the subtler elements that bring the entire thing together. Oh man, when I watched it that second time and they go into the house near the end, and I finally got what was happening... oh jeeze. Ohhhhhh jeeze.

Posted by Ett

I dont know if this will ever be release near any of you. But i like to recommend this Thai Horror movie. ( also fuck yeah screamers ! love that movie)

Edited by VierasTalo

They remade Maniac? Fuck...

Yep, and it's better than the original one. Despite starring Elijah Wood. Just watch it. Basically does to horror film what Drive did to car movies.

Posted by cooljammer00

Tales from the Hood! Watch Tales from the Hood!

It's got Sampson from Half Baked in it and he's GREAT, as always.

Posted by cooljammer00

Also, people seems to give Condemned 2 shit for being more stupid than scary, but Condemned 2 has the bear chase. How can it be stupid?

Posted by davonaytor

hahaha oh Jesus that Maniac trailer was disgusting. I have to watch it now.

Posted by ShaggE

Ah, Hell Baby. (working title: "Hey Guys, Want To See ALL Of Riki Lindhome? Seriously, The Whole Shebang? Also, A Comedy About Demon Babies Or Something.")

Edited by Tobyus

Some good movies! I really wanna most of them! Specially the 2013 upcoming ones..

Posted by civid

Serverance is fucking terrible, real bad horror/comedy, but sure give it a watch, if you have a hour or two to throw away. And I saw the first 20-30 minutes of I Spit On Your Grave 2.... yeah, it's pretty fucking bad, and kind of dull to be honest. Other than that cool list, glad to see people are still making horror movies :D

Posted by PacManFevaa
Edited by rcath

Nope Nope Nope Nope Nope

Edited by FonkyMucker

Last month I had this unnatural urge to watch Videodrome for the first time...but decided to save it till October. Glad to see I am in good company.

Also, does anyone know of a good horror/wedding movie?

Posted by stustap

Count me IN

Posted by LarryDavis

I give this post 5 Wormy Boners, and declare it Spookily Goodbad.

Posted by MrPeabody


Posted by ErinIsADrunk

Heck yes.

My fiancee and I are starting with Insidious (the first one) since we haven't seen it yet and it just went up on Netflix.

Posted by Mechanized

Patrick, check out Dead Silence if you haven't. It's great. The ending is amazing.

The whole movie is kinda over the top and ridiculous, but that's part of what is so great about it.

Posted by JJBSterling

Hard to believe that Patrick hasn't seen Rosemary's Baby yet, I don't watch horror movies but that's the one I always hear about.

Posted by radioactivez0r

I didn't find Event Horizon to be very good, but I'm not a big horror guy and was expecting a bit more of a sci-fi thriller, I guess.

Edited by Nicked

Great list, though I'm shocked and appalled that Patrick hasn't seen Videodrome or Rosemary's Baby.

If anyone's interested, here are some great horror movies people may have missed:

Lake Mungo: Fantastic Australian "documentary" about a missing girl. Great atmosphere.

Goke, Body Snatcher From Hell: Basically a Japanese precursor to LOST--a plane crash in the middle of nowhere, a monster, a scientist, a foreigner, a politician, a criminal, etc..

Three... Extremes: Asian horror anthology; sections from Takashi Miike (director of Audition) and Chan-wook Park (director of Oldboy). (Also, Gozu is another fine Miike flick if you liked Audition.)

Re-cycle: AMAZING Chinese horror in the vein of Silent Hill/Alice in Wonderland.

ATM: Kind of campy and dumb, but notable because it's a LIBERAL horror film. Most horror espouses conservative values. Only good to watch if you've expended all other options.

Hellevator, The Bottled Fools: J-horror about people trapped in an elevator.

Sheitan: Absolutely great French comedy/horror film with Vincent Cassel. Chilling final shot.

Suicide Club/Noriko's Dinner Table/Cold Fish/Strange Circus: All of these are Shion Sono films and are pretty weird (though Cold Fish is the most "realist"/easiest to wrap your head around). To note: "Noriko's" is a sequel to "Suicide Club".

That's all the immediately comes to mind, though I'd also recommend the Masters of Horror series, which has consistently great episodes from excellent directors.

Edit: I forgot Kill List. Great movie, terrible title.

Posted by GnomeonFire

I don't think I'll ever understand the appeal of the Horror genre. To me it just feels so subpar and cheesy 9 times out of 10.

Posted by cabrit_sans_cor

There's a lot of really good stuff on this list. I'm super excited for Patrick to see Noroi - it's probably my favorite found footage picture.

Also I'm super excited for all the Spookin' with Scoops and other fun goodies in store this month. Goddamn it's a good day to be a horror nut.

Posted by OldGuy

@little_socrates: The Carrie on that list is the new one that's just about to release (and I'll say right now that the trailers I've seen are not really making me jump up and down with anticipation)...

Posted by TheThirdRLM

BOOM!! Got my 31 movies here!!

Posted by darkest4

Nice list.

Posted by JasonMrazMtaz

Nice. Gives me more ideas for our list of movies, but in my household we do 61 days of horror, starting on the first of September.

Posted by MarkWahlberg
Posted by Dunchad

Ughh. I hate horror. But still, Event Horizon and Pet Cemetery are definitely classics and everyone should watch them,.

Posted by CitizenCoffeeCake

Aw yea Event Horizon is.. well it's pretty good.

Edited by Oldirtybearon

@patrickklepek You are in for one mind-fucking good time of a movie with Event Horizon. NOT OPTIONAL. It's a completely underrated classic.

EDIT: This motherfucker hasn't seen Video Drome!!!!!!!

Dude. Oh man. Just. Oh man. Cronenberg in his prime.

Posted by MormonWarrior

Weirdly enough, my favorite horror film is still The Sixth Sense. For some reason it just scares me more than anything.

Also, in relation to yesterday's Bombin' the AM, I feel like the original Metroid Prime got the "alone and abandoned" scare down really well. I was terrified by that game in parts, more so than a lot of Dead Space. Although I did think Resident Evil 4 was scarier than the rest of the series too. Maybe I'm just weird.

Edited by BigSteve1983

Ghostwatch my god I've not seen it since well when it was shown on BBC back in the 1990's. Scared the crap out of me (OK granted I was 10 at the time). I think you'll enjoy that one Patrick.

Posted by Bunnyman

Cool. I'm gonna check out Noroi. Used to consume large amounts of of japanese horror. Let's see if this can freak me out, Ju-on style.

Posted by yeliwofthecorn

If people are unfamiliar with "Rosemary's Baby" (I hope they aren't, but who knows these days) and enjoy it, they definitely need to check out "Repulsion" also by Polanski.

"Repulsion" is especially noteworthy because it's a horror film that is entirely grounded in realism. It is all about a woman exhibiting symptoms of a form of mental illness, and these are portrayed (while still with a few flaws here or there) near perfectly.

Posted by CaLe

I watch like one movie every 2 months... no way I could do manage this.

Edited by IronSouls

@frogurt: The original intent of it was to be a yearly anthology series, I wish they had followed up on that.

Posted by rolanthas

Watch Noroi, and sleep no more.

Edited by JadeGL

@bigsteve1983: Ghost Watch is brilliant. I only watched it about 5 years ago but it was great. My husband is really into found footage/documentary type movies so we watched a bunch of stuff. This was a stand out. For everyone reading this, I am not kidding at all, it is really good.

Posted by blacklab

'I Spit On Your Grave 2'?!?!?!

Holy shit I had no idea. ISOYG was one of the few VHS rentals at my location video store during the era of Betamax. Classic 80's low budge horror.

Posted by StriderNo9

Thanks for the list Patrick, some classics in there.

Posted by Jachin

Giant Bomb turned into Patrick Klepek's personal blog so gradually I hardly noticed.

Posted by B_Heart

The Maniac remake is soooo good!

American Mary is cool - always dug Katherine Isabella after Ginger Snaps. If you enjoy this then check out Excision (2012) same themes dealing with surgery stuff.

+1 has a really cool premise and ideas but didn't live up too it.

Hoping to check out Escape from Tomorrow at the local cinema soon. Looks great