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Worth Reading: 02/08/13

A broken collarbone forces Patrick to get desperate, and literally turn Worth Reading into a pile of links.

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In case you didn't hear, while biking home on Thursday, I hit a rather large pothole at full speed, flipped off my bike, and broke my collarbone on my left shoulder. I shouldn't be out of the office for too long, but I'm definitely going to be knocked out of commission for a few days, thanks to minor surgery. If I had a copy of my x-ray, I'd post it. I should remember to do that when I'm at the doctor again.

The easy way out of this would be to put off Worth Reading until next week, but I'd already collected a huge dump of links to share with you guys. Rather than scrap everything I'd been gathering this week, Worth Reading is going to ditch being a fancy set of links and, instead, actually be a huge dump of links.


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