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Zelda: Spirit Tracks Trivia: The Final Round

There's a very special DSi at stake, people! Answer now!

This guy, on your DSi! 
This guy, on your DSi! 
It's all come down to this, the fourth and final round of our Zelda: Spirit Tracks trivia challenge.

If you've been waiting for your chance at one of the prize packages provided by Nintendo--including a copy of the game and some other Zelda schwag, like a t-shirt and a train whistle--this is the one you want to win. That's because this final package also includes a brand new DSi, signed by none other than Zelda series director Mr. Eiji Aonuma. Yeah, I thought you would like that.

This is also the toughest round of questions yet, because these questions are all taken directly from Spirit Tracks itself. You'll have to scour the four corners of the Internet, and maybe spend some time with the game itself (out today!), to hunt all these answers down. (Again, you're only eligible for this one if you live in the U.S.)

  1. Who is the engineer who teaches Link how to drive the train at the beginning of the game?
  2. What instrument does Princess Zelda give to Link early in the game?
  3. What is the only town Link can visit after leaving his home village for Hyrule Castle?
  4. What is the name of Chancellor Cole’s mysterious companion?
  5. How many temples are connected to the Tower of Spirits by the Spirit Tracks?

OK, off you go. We'll have a review of Spirit Tracks for you shortly, and in the meantime may I also offer you a look at the game's launch trailer and some bonus footage of the four-player multiplayer mode?  
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