Early impressions

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Spent a few hours with Bandfuse. My early impressions.

- The pitch cable is much sturdier than the Rocksmith one - sound comes through clear and loud, but sometimes too loud. There are no audio leveling options outside of making a custom tone, which is really strange.

- Polyphonic tuning isn't really necessary, but it still feels like less of a guessing game than Rocksmith.

- I really really like that they've actually taken the instrument you're playing out of the master recordings, so you can better judge what you're doing, as opposed to RS, where the song is essentially just a metronome that you play along to, still hearing someone play correctly behind what you're doing.

- Sight reading tab is much harder than the note highway. I think they realized this early on, considering the song choices are generally much easier than RS.

- That said, the song list absolutely sucks if you already own RS. There are only about a dozen unique songs here that aren't already on the other game. DLC is supposed to start at the end of this month.

- The difficulty settings are weird. There are five levels, but most songs only offer level 1 (easy), 3 (hard), and 5 (the full song). Anyone that considers themselves beyond a beginner will find hard way too simple, and the notation can be awkward when they fill songs with sustains just to make them "easier".

- The tutorials from the legends are useless. It's mostly just video of them telling a story, followed by about ten seconds of them actually playing a technique that they barely describe.

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So if I wanted to learn guitar, this would be worse, but if I just needed a practice tool, this would be better?

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I had no idea this was even out. After reading around a bit, it looks like a budget buy in a few months. Shame... I love Rocksmith, but it would be nice to have options. (and competition is always good)

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@spiderrumor said:

So if I wanted to learn guitar, this would be worse, but if I just needed a practice tool, this would be better?

Rocksmith is much much better for the pure beginner, and using Bandfuse as a practice tool is going to get boring very quickly if they don't put everything into increasing that song list. They just don't have the feature set to compete otherwise.

I do remember among all of the pre-release hype and delays that they were touting something like over 100 DLC songs already set, and they did get the rights to Hendrix, so time will tell on that one.

If someone is debating between one game or the other, Rocksmith is really the only option right now.

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I heard good things about this one. And interestingly enough, I feel that sight-reading tab is way easier than Rocksmith's presentation.

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