Game of the Year edition inbound w/ 3D glasses.

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 The Game Of The Year edition of Batman: Arkham Asylum due for release later this year will be playable in 3D on PS3 and Xbox 360.

That's according to an official ad for the game in India (which you can see below). The release will include Trioviz 3D technology, with two sets of 3D glasses included.

An accompanying release discloses that the Eidos title will also include six extra challenge maps, some of which have been available as DLC. These include:

* Scarecrow Nightmare Challenge Map: A combat map for expert players set in the Scarecrow's nightmarish world where players will need to fight against hordes of skeleton henchmen.

* Crime Alley Challenge Map: A combat map set in this iconic location from Gotham City that has been overrun by The Joker's henchmen.

* Totally Insane Challenge Map: A combat map set in the heart of Arkham Asylum where players will need to fight against waves of lunatics.

* Nocturnal Hunter Challenge Map: an Invisible Predator map where players will need to seize back control of the Prison Watchtowers from The Joker's henchmen.

The ad lists a late March release - but CVG understands this may have slipped. We'll check in with Eidos now.


No price (I'd assume $60 USD). Still no Joker challenge maps for X360... GTAIV on PS3 got the episodes, fair? 
GameStop lists it for $50 with a May 11th release date.
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Do i buy it again for 3D!?
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Any word on price?

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whoa.. 3D glasses? this sounds a bit crazy 

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Well, the PC version has 3D and was like $13 dollars last weekend.  So ... that much?  <_<  

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@Tirrandir said:
"Well, the PC version has 3D and was like $13 dollars last weekend.  So ... that much?  <_<   "

13 dollars + 200ish (I dunno american money, im english!)  for a capable monitor + gcard
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Who said the gaming industry plays fair? 

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Jesus, this is like the second coming of 3D graphics.  

M Y  G O D ,  3 D !  *drool*

Don't believe the hype. Just … don't.
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Just make sure your TV has the proper refresh rate, mind didn't when watching a 2009 claymation movie. Never again. Then again, I didn't see the hype behind the digital 3D when watching Avatar in the movie theater.

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@ErrorOperator: Well, sure.  Though, I imagine that a 3D capable television is just as expensive, if not more so.
Not like I'm saying the 3D thing should be a selling point.  I have NO intention of doing this 3D gaming thing.  I still feel kind of resentful about polygons, sometimes.  Nothing wrong with sprites!  I just can't imagine people double dipping for this.  The DLC is marginal, at best.
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Coming May 11th. More information in the first post.

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