Am I playing this game wrong? If so, help.

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I started up the single player of BF3 last night and died repeatedly. Granted this is my first real foray into the BF world (Company and Company 2 I don't think count), but I have played all the COD games and completed them on the hardest difficulty.

Like wise, I regularly play FPS and other action games.

But for some reason I spend more time at the "You Died" screen and the reloading screen than I do playing the game.

I've tried moving slowly, I've tried moving quickly, but it seems as though I more often than not end up at the "you died" screen.

For example, the scene in the second level before the earthquake, I was trying to get to the heavy machine gun on the bridge and kept getting shot down.

I am now in the third level, but since I keep dying, I am tempted to give up and move onto another game.

Any recommendations? Should I go from medium difficulty to easy or is there something I am just missing with respect to the game?


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You should try multiplayer before you give up on the game. Even if you don't like multiplayer.

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Use more skill

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Use teamwork? Battlefield plays completely different from any CoD game.

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In my personal experience is that these style of games often have barely visible enemies.
I love shooters, but any war shooter will drive me mad since I can't seem to hit the enemies for some reason...

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If it's too hard just lower the difficulty.

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To me it plays somewhere between the run & gun style of COD and stop & pop style of Gears. Your aim suffers if you shoot from the hip too much but a bullet will find you if you overstay your welcome in one spot. Duck and prone are very useful when used in short bursts. Cover, clear, sprint, repeat.

So when you come up out of the building all hell is breaking loose. If you make a break for the gun on the bridge the first wave of enemies will drop you in a heart beat. So when you come up take cover and quickly dispatch the few soldiers on your side of the bridge. As soon as you clear that area sprint to the bridge and grab the gun. Start spraying the crowd on the other side - especially anyone you see with an RPG - but don't stay still for too long. If you blast through your clip quickly you can use the reload time to duck down into cover and slide to a new spot along the bridge. Pop back up and start blasting the crowd some more.

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Use cover more. Just because it tells you to go on the bridge and get the LMG doesn't mean you have to stay on the bridge. Find an area that has good cover and pop n shoot the enemies.Id also agree that you should play the MP before completely giving up on BF3. BF games have never really been about the SP. an if you try the MP and spend more time at the spawn screen than shooting...then YES you are playing it correctly :)

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@zman8: I have been playing on Hard and I could never get up to that gun on the bridge. There is NO cover. So I just ran up the stairs to trigger the guys running at you and shot from the stairs, where I had cover. That was pretty frustrating and I died A LOT.

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Use cover, teamwork and maybe lower the difficulty. Don't go all guns blazing as you would on Call of Duty.

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Gameshark and/or Game Genie

I hide behind my dudes. They seem to be able to eat bullets without dying and there's no penalty in game for being a big pansy.

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Shoot the dragon's tail to get the Drake Sword. It will solve all of your problems.

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Just take your time. I finished sp on hard and though it was ok. Sure I died a couple of times here and there but overall I fought the game was less cheap on it's difficulty then a cod on vet, especially since your A.I. teammates can actually drop some enemies if you just lay low a little and help them instead of rushing in.

edit: Oh and don't quit without playing the mp before. That's were the real fun is.

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Same issue right now. Stuck running up the stairs to get to the MG. My SP hype for this went from !!!! to ... (edit: hiding on the stairs worked)

MP rocks my socks though.

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Find somewhere to hide, let the scripted event finish "that section" go onto the next part, you could probably play major parts of the game like this. Really think reviewers are too kind to the game just because of the MP, it certainly is not a 9/10 game if you look at the single player, its about where Homefront is and should be rated as, wich is a game that got rated because of the single player and the MP wich got alot of praise mainly got ignored but oh well...

Play the multiplayer, thats where it's at

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COD skills don't really translate well into the game. It's not about K/D, it's about your team winning. Don't focus on shooting dudes, just shoot whoever you come across while doing the main objectives. You get 10 people in a match willing to play like that and you'll win every time.

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People should read that the OP - he's talking about single player.

I kinda had to use BF3 to get back into shooter games. Before this, I played through Gears 3 and I don't even remember the last FPS game I played before that. Some of my tips are:

  1. Stay far away. You get no advantage in trying to close in on the enemy - they always outnumber you and are usually in position to flank any unnecessary advancement. Stick with weapons that use scopes and pick off enemies from cover.
  2. Speaking of cover, use the method that I would describe as a "screen sweep". While crouched behind cover, peek from either the left or right side and slowly scan the entire environment (starting from the side your on and turn your head all the way to the other side). For example, saying you are shooting from the left side of the cover. Turn your view from the left all the way to the right until you see an enemy. Then position your view so that the enemy is barely poking out of the left side of your cover. Take aim - then fire. If, say, an enemy pops out to the left of the enemy you are eyeing, then reposition yourself to make him your target. The goal is the systematically take out all enemies from the left side of the environment to the right.
  3. As someone else said - use your squad as cover. The AI tends to aim at them, leaving you an opening to fire back the enemy.

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