BF3 might be shown at EA NY next week !

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   So EA is having their New York press event next week. They’ll be showing some great games as always, but something told me that since Battlefield 3 is launching this fall, that MAYBE they’ll be showing it at the EA event. I tweeted Daniel Matros, the Global Battlefield Community Manager for DICE. I asked him, ‘are they showing #bf3 next wed at the EA event?’ He replied, ‘stick around and find out  ’. That was the answer I was looking for. I will be there until the cows come home and if there’s no embargo on it, you can bet I will have everything posted that night. Here’s to hoping…

Do you think something will be shown or not ? i think EA will have to show something because showing anything BF3 means bringing out the big guns in an event they try to impress people at ! 
fingers crossed. 
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Also, here's a funny BF3 video for you to enjoy : 
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I hope so, been wanting legit details for a while. 

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bumper stickers

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Will probably be more stuff from the singleplayer campaign though. 
I'm pretty skeptic there will be MP related info. They seem to store the big guns for GDC.

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Alright, how do I get into this press event? Must find out...

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@Jayross said:
" Alright, how do I get into this press event? Must find out... "
lol everything said at the event will be on the internet the hour of its mentioning. why would you go?

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