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In case you've missed it, Battlefield 3's final DLC - End Game - is out on PS3, and about to be released on PC and 360 early next week. EA/DICE made yet another snazzy trailer, making publicly gushing over Battlefield 3 easy again.

Few games have trended upwards in my esteem as steadily as Battlefield 3, which has gotten better with every patch and every expansion, that despite my many dislikes, I can't help but love the game. DLC-expansion maps like Aftermath's Markaz Monolith with its unprecedented verticality are outstanding, and show DICE's evergrowing mastery of Frostbite Engine 2, and how much farther the franchise can go in terms of impressive settings. Downtown Manhattan with tanks and choppers and jets - here we come!

End Game will likely be nothing less but DICE's crowning achievement for Battlefield 3, with the return of Capture the Flag, the jet-warfare-focused Air Superiority mode, and the proposed awesomeness of the highspeed Dirtbike. This is going to be mad fun! Jimmy Raynor and the Queen of Blades will have to take the backseat next week, and the foreseeable future.


P.S. I can't, for the life of me, embed a youtube video right now. Known Bug?

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Where's that guy who was crazy dedicated for BF3 on the forums he's the only one who could hype me up

In other words my Xbox hasn't tasted BF3 in months and I won't be changing that anytime soon

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The End Game content is pretty good. Capture the flag is a neat addition to the game modes, and a team that is dedicated to PTFO is hard to stop. The maps are quite large and wide open, not as big as the Armored Kill maps, but close. The dirt bike is a good little speedy vehicle for getting across the maps quickly, but they don't do anything that the ATV didn't do before.

But at the end of it all, personally I think my favorite expansion was Aftermath.

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