GB Battlefield 3 server renewal - Donations needed!

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I had recently announced that I was going to stop running our servers since the same 20 or so regulars are the only ones who care to play on it, but after some requests to keep it a while more, I thought why not, it's too early to cancel it anyway.  Maybe future expansion packs or TNTs will get some action going on there. 

So as you guys know, Rolyatkcinmai and I rented two servers for the GB community by raising funds using this thread, before the game came out.
We purchased a 3-month deal which costed 175 USD for each server.  
The first 3 months are almost over, so it's time to pay for the server again. 
P.S. Big thanks to Thornie, Branthog, YoThatLimp, Liber, DroopDK, VIGGO and all the wonderful people who donated large sums of money back then and helped Nick & I reach the goal extraordinarily fast.
 I cancelled the UK server btw, so we only need to renew the US one.

Giant Bomb/Tested [US] Conquest 64 players:

MemberDonationGoalBalanceLeft to go 
1. YoThatLimp 30$ ($28.53)   
 3.Thornie30$ ($28.53)   
 4.?5$ (4.50$)   
 5.AhmadMetallic10$ (9.40$)   
6. Liber 30$ ($28.53)   
 7. Mosdl 65$ (61.8$)   
 8.Vager20$ (19.02$)   
 9.ChavTheWorld 5$ (4.50$)     
10. Ravenlight0.31$ (0.00$ lololol)   


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I donated.

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Well I guess it's off to the sperm bank again.

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@Swoxx said:

Well I guess it's off to the sperm bank again.

I don't think PayPal accepts sperm as a currency.

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I chipped in $20. I should probably try and play my copy of BF3 at some point.

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I am probably skipping Amalur, so here is the 50 I would have used for it.

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Said I would donate last time but all the fees had already been paid before I had a chance, so I donated as much as I could now that I no longer have a job.

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You guys are awesome.

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Once again we reached the desired goal really fast. Crazy generous people around here, man. Thank you to all those who donated, whenever there's a TNT or the server is full, you get a reserved slot.
Special thanks to @Mosdl for donating sixty five fucking dollars, now that's dedication to the game right there.

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@AhmadMetallic said:

10.Ravenlight0.31$ (0.00$ lololol)

Pahahahaha what happened here?!

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@Chavtheworld said:

@AhmadMetallic said:

10.Ravenlight0.31$ (0.00$ lololol)

Pahahahaha what happened here?!

Was helping test the donation link. Apparently PayPal is serious about getting their cut.

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Whoa, what the fuck??? When did this happen??

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Everytime I check the sever it's empty =\

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Why is the UK server cancelled? :(

Granted, I wasn't on there often, but when I was I had loads of fun.

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@Ravenlight: Damn serious indeed! Haha.

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Damn, I didn't check the forums until this morning and missed this. Well, I'm in for donating next time around.

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oh man i feel bad :( I wanted to donate but found this too late

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I got banned so no thanks.

@Ravenlight said:

@Swoxx said:

Well I guess it's off to the sperm bank again.

I don't think PayPal accepts sperm as a currency.

But Swoxx has some high quality stuff. I got 5 gallons from him a few months ago, still using it today.

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@swamplord666: I will accept a steam gift to make up for it.

@TheHBK: sshhh

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