Weekly Giant Bomb Battlefield 3 Bombing Run starting now!

#1 Posted by swamplord666 (1763 posts) -

Hey everyone!

Just wanted to let you know that a bunch of us duders are currently on the Giant Bomb server (and of course every tuesday)!

We'll be on the giant bomb server and you can also join us on the mumble server at ny.eoreality.net Port 64747.

If you want to be a little more active with the duders, hit up AhmadMetallic and/or join the GiantBomb Squad platoon.

See you in a bit!

#2 Posted by Winternet (8082 posts) -

Isn't there a thread that unites all the GB servers for various games so duders can join and play?

#3 Posted by swamplord666 (1763 posts) -

We're on the server now! Come join!

#4 Posted by stevebitt300 (5 posts) -

they should have made BC3 for consoles exclusively and given the PC BF3 exclusively.

#5 Posted by Grimey (18 posts) -

@stevebitt300: That isn't such a bad idea.

I'll see you guys on there within the next hour, hour-and-a-half max.

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