Elder Scrolls 5 + id Question

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Now i hear Bethesda and id are teaming up. What kind of oppotunities does this create for Fallout 4 and Elder Scrolls:V? Because i cant really think of anything. So please help me understand why this team up is so awesome.(other than having 200 developers!). Thanks in advance.

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Its awesome because iD has awesome tech and terrible stories (awesome gameplay though personally) and Bethesda have terrible tech and awesome story's. If they team up it should be awesome tech and awesome stories, in theory.

Though I just want more Doom from them, prefrable a new Doom more in like with Ultimate Doom/Doom 2 than 3. 3 was awesome but seemed to sacrafice gameplay for atmosphere.

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Elder Scrolls / Doom Crossover Fighting Puzzle Game.

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@Lights_Up_The_Shaft said:
" Elder Scrolls / Doom Crossover Fighting Puzzle Game. "
So it's like Yu-Gi-Oh?
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iD was bought by ZeniMax, which is the same company that owns Bethesda.  There was never a single point where anyone actually said "we are teaming up for a game".  They did, however, mention that would potentially share engines, systems, builds, etc, in order to maximize the potential that their respective companies have in producing games not only quicker, but with a better form of content.

In short, the fact that two great game companies are now under the same roof is awesome.
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@Ineedaname: But if they have been working on this game for as long as i thought, wouldn't adding a new engine change so many things about the game? It doesn't seem logical for them to work on a game for so long and then change the engine. Right? 
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In terms of sharing game engines, yeah, they've probably been working on TES: V since Fallout 3 came out so if anything it would be for future collaborations. Stuff like animation (cough Elder Scrolls) can be touched up at anytime, however.

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I would guess that the overall gameplay (for Fallout 4 at least) seems like it would improve with id giving them tips too. Cuz i felt that Fallout 3 was kind of clunky. It didnt feel like a shooter, and i know Bethesda isn't exactly respected for their shooters, but i hope id helps them with that sort of stuff.

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So basically Elder Scrolls 5 and Fallout 4 are going to have awesone graphics and a really fast frame rate.

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That's what im  hoping for.

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What other people have said, Bethesda is just trying to get into game publishing.  It doesn't necessarily mean they'll be working together at all.

Elder Scrolls 5 with idtech 5 would be awesome, and might be a tight fit.

The big innovation in idtech 5 is for big open environments with tons of variety.  idtech 5 was developed for the current generation of consoles in mind, and back when Oblivion came out they said ES5 would this gen as well.  Would be a HUGE graphical leap over Gamebryo probably.

One real technical problem I can see.  With the stuff they said about Rage possibly being in the 20GB range or something, imagine how massive ES5 would be.  1TB game anyone?

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Im gonna need to buy a new hardrive. But i would do it Beth. whats making Rage so massive amd memory consuming anyways? ES:IV and Fallout 3 only took about 1 GB for my xbox 360. I couldnt imagine what would make a game to  have to use so much memory. Both games are pretty big. 1 TB would be like 500 ESIV's and 500 Fallout 3. And RAGE = like 20 Fallouts right?

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