Binary Domain: Half-way (probably) done

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I have been playing Binary Domain off-and-on and I must say I agree with anyone who says this is a pretty good game. It reminds me of Alpha Protocol in that it is half broken, yet keeps me playing (almost could not make it through the awful mech sequence though. Abysmal.) I find myself more intrigued in the story than I initially thought, although, most of the story might be in my own head. I am taking every scene as a bit of foreshadowing for how the game will end. Yet, I am half-way through the game and, despite me enjoying it, I am not sure I want to finish it.

Here's the reason: I am afraid the story in my head might outshine the actual story of the game. This is what I have so far.

1) Obviously someone in the party is going to be a robot. Is it me? Big Bo? Cain? What if Cain is actually a human inside a robot, thus being the opposite/reverse Binary Domain? I am pretty sure Faye is a robot though, the men talk about her perfect good looks and she is a super warrior.

2) Do you want another reason why Faye is probably a robot? There is a scene where she gets shot in the arm, but it doesn't seem to bother her all that much. Seems fishy.

3) Dan (me) is definitely a robot. He hates scrap heads but is slowly coming around to understanding them. He is called the "survivor." Well how do you think he avoided all those hairy situations (Answer: robot insides).

4) But everybody can't be a robot, right? Someone would eventually go to the doctor, take an x-ray, and find out they are not human. If it turns out these robot humans do not need any medical care, then no one would go to the hospital, thus causing alarm amongst the population. Therefore, I am ruling out the awesome possibility that everyone is, in fact, a robot.

So the question is: Can the twist be that simple? Are Dan and Faye robots? Did I figure out the story already? Is it worth finishing the game or will it only be disappointing for my wild imagining of possibilities?

I guess I'll find out...

P.S. The funniest scene happens to be when Dan pulls out his "Ipad", sees Amada and yells "You son of a...!" Quit yelling at the Ipad Dan, quit yelling.

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