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I just finished this game and am sad it didn't get better sales numbers. I really disliked the first two chapters but starting in Chapter 3 the story just took a complete turn and became incredibly compelling. All the characters started showing some depth. The combat was average but I liked the leveling system and while I didn't really care for influencing my teammates as far as tactics were concerned I did enjoy how it effected the story. Normally I'm not a fan of games with sub-par gameplay regardless of how good the story is but I love this type of story. There have been many games to deal with it, but none have really dealt with the concept of artificial life this directly or with this much emotion at least that I can recall. Reminded me of Ghost in the Shell and other similar anime which deal with these questions. I also liked that the USA was not the hero of the story. It was all just really interesting and I wish it had done better.

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That is hot deal.

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I agree mostly with everything you wrote, and it is indeed sad it didn't sell better, as in all likelihood it means no sequel :(

The story and characters were great, but as you say the game is a bit slow to get going. By the end of it, though, I was completely into it - was very sad to see it all end (though the ending is very good, including the post-credits scene - make sure to watch that!).

Gameplay-wise, I do think it is very good. I love how little bits and pieces fly off the robots when you hit them, and the ability to shoot off their body parts entirely - particularly awesome when facing the many spectacular bosses in the game. Sure, it's a quite basic shooting game with no complications, like Gears, but take it for what it is, and it's good fun. And the story is of course miles ahead of Epic's effort as well as 99% of the other shooters out there.

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I ended up really enjoying this game, even with the PC version being a horrible mess of a port. Sad that it'll probably never get a sequel. Meanwhile, Gears of War 4...

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I loved the game but completely disagree with anyone praising Binary Domain's story.

If you are into sci-fi AI books/theory/discussion at all on any serious level, Binary Domain comes off as a childish shallow representation of the concept with ridiculous plot holes and some nonsense science. I had several moments where I straight up laughed out loud at the games hamfisted attempts to handle AI or other artificial life issues. Not taking any of it seriously is the one thing that got me through it actually liking the game and not hating it for dumbassery. I will however give the game credit for it's characters which turn out way better then they initially come off as.

It's like they took the movie version of "I am Robot" (which is an already incredibly hollowood'ised version of the Asimov's short story (and said story is one of his simpler ones)) and did an even sillier version of that.

If anyone is actually into robotics or AI philosophy I highly recommend reading Asimov's material which is where a lot of this stuff originates in concept. Bicentennial Man is a absolute must read, it's basically a required reading for the genre, people have been known to cry at the end. Rise of the Robots series is a great way to dig deeper if one wants.

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While I did enjoy the game, I also felt like they didn't go far enough - I kept expecting the game to reveal that the main character was a Hollow Child as well, and was rather bummed out when it never happened. On the other hand, I guess they couldn't have taken that plot-twist where it would have needed to go to have the impact it deserved, anyway.

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I just finished Binary Domain. I liked the ending even though i got the worst one. Gameplay was fine, but it became a little bit repetitive towards the end. Characters were great, though some of the dialogue wasn't. Sure Binary Domain didn't really have that serious tone some of you might have liked, but the game was made by the same guy who created Yakuza series, so some level of ridiculousness was a given.

Sure BD is far from a masterpiece, it certainly has it's ups and downs, but overall i enjoyed the game. It left me with a satisfied feeling i wish more games would.

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