How this adds up to The Ship

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Art Style / Tone 
Bloody Good Time's character models are clearly from the same world as The Ship's; but other than that, this game feels less unified than The Ship, as far as like. Art Styles. 
Weapons are wacky and modern, but the Hollywood sets seem inspired by 50's-60's Hollywood (at least, you know, the behind-the-set-stuff) - not modern Hollywood.  
Given, the Hollywood set allows for three unique maps as opposed to The Ship's numerous, near-identical... ships. 
The Ship was wacky. Bloody Good Time is wacky too, but it also feels really immature. The "Taunt" system in general. You know what I mean, the ass-shaking, the farting. It makes me a bit embarrassed actually when it happens. 
The addition of Murder-Aids works fine. The weapons all feel different in Bloody Good Time, as opposed to The Ship, where there was just a hundred melee weapons that didn't feel unique from one another. 
That being said, guns, murder-aids - they all have that um, floatiness in the controls that The Ship had - except there's a lock-on feature.  
The "needs" have been reduced to three basic needs, eating/drinking, bathroom and sleep and the security guards - jailtime system has been replaced with mobile security guards that merely taze the player, and only takes away one weapon. 
Bloody Good Time is an improvement on The Ship's gameplay for sure, but it certainly feels like it lacks a certain something that The Ship just had.
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OK. Thanks.  
You should probably write a review.

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It feels When you kill your target during "The Hunt" game-mode there's really nothing to do after that. I want another target! Not just to wait around and get killed by people for no reason.

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@BunkerBuster: Kinda hoping that idk, I don't have to ask people to tell me back how they thought it added up to The Ship; also, comparing one game to another hardly is a review. 
@TheMustacheHero: That it does! Try setting round limit time to 1-2 minutes, helps kill that time. 
@Everybody: By the way, this game TOTALLY should have been called Hollywood Murder Party; such a stronger name.
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Aynone else get annoyed but the director in the menus?

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I really can't understand what he's saying, and well - you'd think that after he's said it every time you've launched the game... you'd obtain an idea about what he was saying. 

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@BulletStorm: He's mostly spouting British stereotypes.

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