Not a bad game, in my opinion.

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I got up to level 31 or so before being crushed by a block. This is isn't really hard, but challenging. It isn't that frustrating difficult Ninja Gaiden type, but I think its pretty fun. The hardest part in the game is probably the beginning because you have no power ups ( and they carry over to the next missions ).
Sure, I only paid 13 bucks brand new, but me likes. :(

If you're an achievement whore, then most of the game will be grinding for those points, but I got 8 achievements while playing up to that level 31real easy.

There are 99 levels ( I think ) and NO continues. Meaning if you die, you have to start all over. You could be on mission 98, die, and you'd have to start from the beginning. But like I said, I died from being crushed and not by being blown up. You can pick up these heart blocks which will give you one free hit, and there's a certain level where you can get around 6 of them in addition to whatever heart blocks you got from previous missions.

An easy strategy for this game is to get Infinite Bomb, Line Bomb, and Remote Control Bomb. With these three you can pretty much wipe out all enemies real quick. You can also get a power up that lets you pass through bombs so you don't trap yourself, and another that lets you pass through soft blocks. Once you get these the game is EASY.

I think the game was 50 bucks when it came out, right? Well I don't think the game is worth that much, but for the 13 dollars I paid, it was sure worth it.
Nobody seems to play online anymore, so you can forget about that. You can probably hit up an achievements website to get people to play.

The graphics look pretty nice, and the character design is pretty bad ass, but its a bummer that there is only one map, and that the only customization is changing your armor color. Its also a bummer that Hudson will probably scrap the character design, because I really like it.

Anyhoo, if for whatever reason you want to try this, I say go ahead as long as you get it for a cheap price.

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Never played it, but it always looked crazy. I's an adult bomberman!

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Your opinion is wrong.

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Best game this gen

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